Be Smart!!


Let me ask are you a high school football player who wants to play at the collegiate level? One of the biggest things that we hear college coaches talk about is that they are looking for players who have the right attitude, the right character and mental toughness to step up and succeed in all aspects of college. These coaches want players who are physically, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually strong. They want players who have their act in order when it comes to their sport, their studies and how they carry themselves in life. Coaches are not only interested in your successes and statistics. They are just as interested in how you handle various challenges and difficulties as an athlete and student. So ask yourself these few questions. When you make a mistake in a game, do you lower your head, kick the ground, argue with your coach and then commit another mistake within several minutes? If your team is behind on the scoreboard in the fourth quarter by two touchdowns, do you start slowing down, step back, stop putting forth your best effort and just watch the game as a spectator? As a football player from the other team begins trash talking and calling you names, do you start talking back, get angry and frustrated, and then miss your block on the next play? On the other hand, how do you handle yourself when you are having a bad game but one of your teammates is having his best game? Do you go up to him and say congrats? Or are you worried more about how you look on the field, isolate yourself from your team and get upset that you are not doing as well as one of your teammates? Or, as one of your teammates is really struggling in a game, do you think to yourself that at least you are having a good game and only worry about yourself? Or do you take the time to go up to your teammate and offer your encouragement and support? College coaches are truly looking for players who can be leaders on and off the field. And it’s not only about who has the most touchdowns, interceptions or points on the scoreboard. They want players who can fill the many different roles a team has to excel and succeed. They want players who understand and are committed to their mental game. A game that includes believing in oneself and the greater good. A game that requires you to focus on what you want to accomplish and achieve. A game that sees you play with purpose, poise, passion and perseverance. So, if you want to become a better football player, then you need to assess your mental skills and identify areas of your mental game that you need to work on every day. Are you not or are you having difficulty visualizing how you want to play? Do you always get upset when you make a mistake and then tell yourself that you are not learning anything? Do you find yourself always getting upset about things that you have no control over? Are you giving up on yourself and your team when you are behind on the scoreboard? Do you forget to identify your goals or take some time to work on those goals. If you are a high school football player who wants to play football in college, then you need to start building your mental muscle. For all the time you are spending in the weight room or running on the track, you need to be putting in the necessary time and effort to develop a stronger and sharper mind if you want to cut it in college. With the “Play Up” approach, you will be mentally prepared and ready to play with greater concentration, composure and confidence, and ultimately become a more competitive player. Isn’t that what you want the college coaches to see?
Source: Firstdownapp

I Don’t Act Bran New, I Act Accordingly


For so many years growing up I’ve always wondered why a person would not represent their school or their community or whatever the case might be. Me myself always thought people like that felt they had become better than the rest of us. I had this feeling for a very long time,I even disliked some people for feeling that way about the place they come from. Even though cases may be different it always end back up at the point of everyone thinking you think differently now. But enuff with all that , getting to it. First topic as young athletes we all have the dreams of playing at the highest level right??? That’s all we know and that’s all we taught. But just like myself and some very talented players I looked up to played with/against that’s living normal 9 to 5’s that dream don’t often come true. With that being said stop asking me about the NFL, I have no admiration to play in the NO FUN LEAGUE. The road I was taken down and that I’m currently on is my NFL. So instead of some of yall with your sneak dissin questions ask yourself why did you even give up the dream of something you love?? Money wise for you green fiends, no we don’t make enough to be rich like NFL players but I’m fine with that ……..why!!!! I get paid to go to a different country to be a big kid and play a game I love, I put smiles on people’s faces that see me as a role model, I can go any where in the country and I know ppl are ppl know of me, I get to see places in the world some of yall my never lay real eyes on or step foot on land, just like the NFL I get to meet people from all walks of life, I could go on and on but I’ll stop there with showering you all with my riches lol 😂. I’m happy with the steps and accomplishments I’ve made. Now this topic of why I don’t represent my city, school are certain people………👀 ( looks around) 😂 Hell that’s super easy, my city,school are people don’t do ish to support and represent me,it go hand and hand in my book. Not once has a youth coach from the teams in my area invited me to speak with their kids about my journey, the same journey many of them may face later. My school 😂 I’ve never had support from that place even when I was there, I wasn’t one of their select few so why should I represent a place like that!!? As for the people I’ve heard to much BS in the past years of how I need to do this are need to do that, hell even had people tell me I still shouldn’t feel proud because I haven’t accomplished anything!!! Well hey sorry can’t rain on my parade 😁. But not to seem like a straight prick I do represent the 618, my HS coach (Suggie) and best believe mom dukes and pop’s along with a few others I know support and represent me to the fullest, other than that my city,school and most people around me don’t give to ***** about supporting and building with me and what I got going, so if you were wondering why you don’t see me REPRESENTING my community,school are others and they projets NOW YOU KNOW!

Team Stars and Stripes upended by Mexico


Quarterback Contla took full advantage of consistent protection from his massive offensive line to throw four touchdowns and control the clock with some impressive drives that opened a 31-10 lead before the Americans scored late in the forth quarter.

Contla of UDLAP picked up the game MVP award after he completed 40 of 52 passing attempts for 352 yards and four touchdowns, with two going to CEM receiver Leopoldo Lara.

Josh Osborn (Central) led Team Stars & Stripes on the ground with 16 carries for 82 yards, while Donald Miller (Wartburg) had 6 receptions for 63 yards and Brendon Boerm (Central) 5 for 90 yards.

Having returned the opening kickoff to the Team Stars & Stripes 40-yard mark, the hosts marched quickly downfield, opening the scoring in the space of only three plays.

The CONADEIP hurry up offense caught the Americans off guard as quarterback Contla completed three passes, the third for a 20-yard touchdown to Lara and a Ricardo Flores extra point opened a 7-0 lead with less than two minutes played.

The Americans were soon back on the ropes as the Mexicans again ate up yards on offense, but turned the ball over on downs. That provided an opportunity to level the score that Team Stars & Stripes grasped. A perfectly disguised fake handoff set up a 62-yard pass over the middle from Pat Angle (Ohio Northern) to Boerm who had split the safeties and he raced almost untouched to the end zone.

Team Starts & Stripes opened the second quarter by going three and out and the punt team was called upon again after Joey Kropp (Lake Forest) had come up with an interception of Contla.

A 41-yard Flores field goal opened a 10-7 CONADEIP lead before a third three-and-out for the visitors.

Contla was masterful in controlling the offense and avoided sack, threw under pressure from far behind the line of scrimmage, and hit Jose Noriega, who managed to stay in bounds by the length of his toes for a spectacular gain to the opponent’s 28. Contla then hit Lara at the 10 before only the swatting hand of Marvin Carr (Elmhurst) prevented touchdown in the corner of the end zone

On the next play Contla again went to Lara for their second scoring combination of the afternoon and a 17-7 lead, this time over 9 yards.

Pat Angle (Ohio Northern) combined with to Donald Miller (Wartburg) for a big gain into CONADEIP territory and was continually forced to the air, as Team Stars & Stripes were unable to establish a rushing game.

A late 41-yard Kevin Sheldon (Central) field goal pulled the Americans to within one score, trailing by 17-10 at halftime.

The visitors needed to generate some early third quarter offense, but instead conceded two quick touchdowns, leaving them trailing by 31-10.

Following a three-and-out to open the half, Guillermo Villaboas reeled in a short 4-yard touchdown pass from the impressive Contla, who had moved the ball downfield at will.

Then Luis Ramirez came up with an interception close to the American red zone to set up another Contla pass to Jorge Retana from 12 yards out for the quarterback’s fourth scoring pass of the day.

Team Stars & Stripes finished the game on a high as Alex Latow (Cornell) came up with an interception and Aaron Eisler (Central) went to work with two quick passes to Dutch teammate Jack Norgaard, the second for a six-yard touchdown that reduced the deficit to 14 points.


The Lazio Marines eyeing the 2015 IFL championship


The Lazio Marines American Football Team have finalized their 2015 imports!
Please welcome Defensive Lineman Corey Miller to the Lazio Marines! With 3-years starting experience for the Tennessee Volunteers (SEC), Miller finished the 2013 season with 36 tackles (28 solo), 7 tackles-for-loss, and 6.5 sacks. He was named the NCAA Defensive Player of the Week last November after breaking Reggie White’s 30-year single game sack record with 4.5 sacks against the Kentucky Wildcats. His 6.5 sacks on the season was the most of any Tennessee Volunteer since 2005 and he also led the team with 5 QB hurries.
He finished his career with 82 tackles, 16 tackles-for-loss, 9.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 fumble recovery, 3 pass breakups, and 8 QB hurries. After the 2013 season, he was selected to play in the prestigious 2014 College All-Star Bowl. At his NFL Pro Day, Corey measured in at 6’3″, 258 lbs (191 cm/118 kg). He showed his speed running a 4.57 40 yard dash and his strength by doing 33 reps on bench press (225 lbs or 102 kg).
Corey joins QB Chas Dodd from Rutgers (Big Ten). Dodd played in 31 games (starting in 19) over four years with the Scarlet Knights. He finished his career with 4,079 passing yards and 24 touchdowns. He was named Big East All-Academic Team on three separate occasions and earned Big East Offensive Player of the week after throwing for 322 yards and 2 TD in a 27-24 win over Connecticut in 2010. He also set the Rutgers freshman record for touchdowns in a game when he threw for 335 yards and 4 TD against Cincinnati.
Adding these players to a coaching staff that features three Americans and a European coach with U.S. collegiate coaching experience, our management has made a statement that we intend to compete for the IFL championship in 2015. Go Marines!

Milano Seamen Newcomer Justin Bell


When you start to think to continue your carrier in Football and why Italy?

I have always wanted to continue to play football. The opportunity to play came about when Tato contacted me and told me nothing but good things about Italy.

Let us know your position and your best attitude in football

I believe that in order to have the most success as a player you have to want to do the things that are not coachable such as; give your best effort, know your responsibility, and have the confidence, heart, and courage that you will do your best and perform at your best.

What you know about europe and the football across the ocean

I was not too familiar with how things were with football across the Ocean until I have been doing my research lately. I do know from conversations that I have had that football is something bigger across the Ocean than I have known it to be. And I am looking forward to the actual experience of it.

Tato Zamichieli is our Sport Director he found you, are you surprise when you receive the offer to come in Italy to play whit the Milano Seamen?

I was very surprised when I received the offer. Very happy as well since I have always wanted to continue to pursue a career in football.

Did you already start to talk with your future teammates?
Yes I have communicated with a lot of my teammates through facebook. They seemed as excited to have me as much as much as I am excited to come be part of the team. Looking forward to meeting and playing with them.

New adventure and a season to play in Milan, let us know your expectations
I expect to have a wonderful experience in a new culture and have memorable good times with good people.

Tell us your philosophy about football

Football is a team sport. It will always take a team to be close and care for one another as a unit in order to have success as a team. I believe it takes all the way from the coaches, players, fans, and organization to be on the same page as a whole, and support each other in order to have great success.

In USA the football is a religion, in Italy is a restarting feeling, fans and press they are curios, did you want to say something to increase the feeling with our supporter?

Football is a huge part of life coming from where I come from. It has always been a reflection of character. A lot of things seen by the way a person acts on the field has reflected the way the person is (Character wise) off of the field where I come from. The ones that gives effort all of the time and pay attention to detail (even the smallest of things) has had more success on and off of the field compared to the ones who do not.

Do you have something to say to your Teammate about you

I am an easy going person. Also very open to trying things and I am looking forward to getting to know you guys and having a great time. I look at you guys as family now. Can’t wait for the opportunity to meet!

Will see you in Milan when?
I expect to be there the first week of February immediately following the SuperBowl played here.

Did you know Joe Avezzano? Special team coach of Dallas Cowboys, 3 super Bowl Win, in the 2012 was the head coach of the team, was a great man and he die in Milan at 67

I have heard things about him. Heard that he was a great man and has had a successful career in football(Playing and coaching). He is the only three time winner of special teams coach of the year in the NFL. Having special men like that around in a great organization like this gives me more reason to be anxious for the new experience.

Thanks Justin see you in two months in Milan

The Ancona Dolphins looking to be a force in the IFL


The Dolphins Ancona have finally unveiled the cards for 2015, three aces teams will face next season. First the change at the helm. Roberto Rotelli, as announced at the end of last season will no longer be the head coach. The Dolphins has opted for a coach from overseas. “We want to change pace, invest in a long-term project aimed at making the boys better – explains Leonardo Lombardi, president of the Ancona Dolphins – We decided to hire a coach that’s dedicated full-time to follow every athlete not only in the field, but also off the field, in the gym, video room, in individual sessions. The choice fell on Daniel Levy, 30, a young coach, motivated, but at the same time has a great international experience, having trained in the US, Europe and Brazil, thus understands the dynamics of non-professional football. In addition, Levy applies exactly the same philosophies of game that we have marked in recent years, both on offense and defense, then the change will not be a reversal. ” Along with the new HC Levy, the company has been unleashed on the market for American players. The attack will be led by Luke Zahradka, 24, the New York quarterback played at Bentley University (Div. II) and with 2 years experience in Europe. One year in Germany (Kirchdorf Wildcats) and one year in France with Amiens Spartiates, Zahradka has a roadmap very positive, with a total of 16 victories in Europe, 3 losses and 1 draw. A further advantage is the sufficient knowledge of the Italian language, he will get a short Italian citizenship because his mother is originally from Pescara. Zahradka as quarterback provided us with with a strong arm and despite the tonnage can be mobile on the field. He also has a vision for the game. The other American player is an athlete of exceptional standard, with a history as a professional. Nic Harris, 28, coming from Louisiana, played in college for the prestigious Oklahoma Sooners, in Div. 1 FBS. After college career was selected to the NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills, where he played 15 games and a year later went to the Carolina Panthers, 15 presence with them. Harris is a versatile player, initially deployed as a free safety in college, it was then moved to the role of outside linebacker, where he played his years as a professional. Impressive stats: Oklahoma Harrris has racked up 51 appearances, 233 tackles, 20 tackles for loss of yards opponents, 6.5 sack against the opposing quarterback, 21 balloons deflettati, seven interceptions, six fumble caused the attack opponent. Numbers that have won him the choice on lap 5 of the NFL draft. Among professionals Harris has played in all 30 games, collecting 67 tackles and 1.5 sacks. A strong player, fast, versatile, able both to hit near the line of scrimmage is to protect the field in the deepest areas. In short, the premises for a period of great adrenaline are all there. Good season!

D3 All Stars will take on Mexico All Stars


Players from 18 NCAA Division III schools have been named to the 40-man Team Stars & Stripes roster that will head to Mexico for the sixth annual Tazón de Estrellas (Bowl of the Stars) next month.

For the 17th time since Global Football first took standout football players south of the border in the original Aztec Bowl, a NCAA Division III all-star roster, known collectively as Team Stars & Stripes will take on the CONADEIP All-Stars in the Tazón de Estrellas in Mexico on December 20.

The 18 schools represented are Allegheny College, Central College, Coe College, College of Wooster, Cornell College, Elmhurst College, Endicott College, Gallaudet College, Grove City College, Hanover College, Knox College, Lake Forest College, Lawrence University, Manchester University, Ohio Northern University, Rockford University, UW Stout and Wartburg College.

Central College defensive coordinator Don DeWaard will serve as head coach of Team Stars & Stripes having led the Americans to a 32-15 victory in Guadalajara and a 29-7 win in Monterrey in 2013.

The players and coaches will travel to Mexico on December 14 for seven days, with two-a-day practices and an opportunity to explore the local region and experience a different culture. The visit also focuses on community service projects, with previous initiatives including clearing an area of land to benefit an impoverished neighborhood, creating a play area for children, and holding a football clinic for local youngsters.

Player profiles (listed in alphabetical order of college)

94 DE Ryan Sherry – Allegheny College
Was second among Gators with 69 tackles and posted 2.5 sacks and a forced fumble.

6 WR Brendon Boerm – Central College
Had 32 receptions for 457 yards and 4 touchdowns and rushed 43 times for 331 yards and 3 touchdowns.

8 LB/S Jacob Tune – Central College
All-Iowa Conference second team selection, had the third-most tackles on the Central defense with 52, 31 of which were solos. Had a sack and 3.5 tackles for loss.

9 QB Aaron Eiseler – Central College
Completed 130 of 210 passes for 12 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. Rushed 27 times for 120 yards and 3 touchdowns and led the team in total offense.

16 K Kevin Sheldon – Central College
All-Iowa Conference selection, made seven of his 11 field goal attempts on the season, including his last 6-of-7. All 11 attempts were from beyond 30 yards and his longest make was a 42-yarder.

28 RB Josh Osborn – Central College
All-Iowa Conference selection, averaged more than five yards per carry while racking up a conference-leading 1,284 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground.

50 OG Ryan Collins – Central College
All-Iowa Conference second team selection, anchored an offensive line that allowed just six sacks in 10 games and created openings for Osborn to rush for the sixth-most yards in a season in school history.

54 DL Brody Janssen – Central College
All-Iowa Conference second team selection, recorded 3.5 tackles for loss, a forced fumble and a fumble recovery. He ranked seventh on the team in total tackles with 40.

2 TE Jack Norgaard – Central College
Caught 28 passes for 278 yards and 3 touchdowns.

55 DE Matt Schmitz – Coe College
All-Iowa Conference selection, led the conference in tackles for loss with 9.5 and tied for the league lead with two fumble recoveries. He also ranked second in sacks with 4.5 and tied for 19th with 51 tackles.

25 RB Sean Hackel – College of Wooster
Two-time all-NCAC standout rushed for 817 yards 5 touchdowns and was a big part of the Fighting Scots’ passing game with 18 receptions for 139 yards.

10 CB Myron Seabrook – Cornell College
All MWC first-team selection finished with 28 tackles (21 solo) and led the secondary with 9 pass breakups. Had one interception that was returned 41 yards, was fourth on the team with 57 tackles.

20 LB Alex Latow – Cornell College
All MWC first-team selection, Cornell’s all-time leader in solo tackles with 236, posted team-highs with 119 total tackles, 16.0 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks, 3 forced fumbles and 3 fumble recoveries.

56 OL Sam Cluck – Cornell College
Headlined Cornell’s All-Midwest Conference award winners as a first team pick on offense and the Offensive Lineman of the Year among all 12 MWC schools.

58 DL TJ Gray – Cornell College
All MWC first-team selection was the anchor of Cornell’s defensive line. Posted 35 total tackles, including 6.0 for losses and 3.5 sacks. Collected 28 tackles from his end position and had 3.5 tackles for loss.

4 CB Marvin Carr – Elmhurst College
All-conference selection, started all 10 games as top-ranked pass defense limited opposing offenses to just 162.3 yards per game through the air, Ranked tenth in the CCIW with 5 passes defended in conference play.

77 OG Adam Connors – Elmhurst College
Earned all-conference honors while starting at left guard. Played a key role in an offense that led the nation in time of possession, averaging more than 36 minutes of ball control per game.

79 C Drake Hoffman – Elmhurst College
Started all 10 games in earning the first all-conference honor of his career on an offensive line that gave up just eight sacks this season and paved the way for the third-ranked Bluejay rushing offense.

12 DB Jake Cox – Endicott College
NEFC All-Conference second team selection anchored a Gulls defensive back group. Posted 2 interceptions 8 pass breakups, 57 tackles (42 solo), a forced fumble and a fumble recovery.

90 LB Andrew Holfinger – Endicott College
NEFC All-Conference first team selection set a single-season record for sacks with 9.5 and had a forced fumble, two recoveries, five pass breakups, and a blocked kick.

5 LB Jaris Alleyne – Gallaudet University
Earned first team ECFC honors for a third straight year. Led a GU defense that ranked 27th nationally in total defense in tackles per game (11.9). Made 24 tackles (12 solo) on Senior Day, was second in the conference with 106 tackles and 59 solo tackles.

33 LB Jason Skyrm – Grove City College
All-PAC selection, ranked second on the team and seventh in the conference with 86 tackles. He led the conference with 20 tackles for loss and had a school-record five forced fumbles. He also ranked third in the conference with nine sacks.

35 LB Justin Magaw – Hanover College
HCAC second team selection ranked second on Hanover’s squad and fourth in the HCAC with 103 tackles. Had 9 tackles for loss, an interception, 9 pass deflections, 2 forced fumbles and a team-best 3 fumble recoveries.

21 CB Chaz Benton – Knox College
Concluded his senior year with 47 tackles, 2 fumble recoveries, and ranked 11th in the MWC with 10 pass breakups. He was a big reason the Prairie Fire defense limited opponents to 167 passing yards per game, the fourth-lowest total in the league.

13 LB John Preston – Lake Forest College
All-Midwest Conference selection, led the Foresters and ranked 11th in the conference with 84 tackles. He also intercepted a pass, forced a fumble, recovered a fumble, and added four pass breakups. Had at least four tackles in every game and reached double figures five times.

22 S Joey Kropp – Lake Forest College
All-Midwest Conference selection, ranked second in the league with 199 punt return yards and 8.0 yards per return, and third in the conference with 24.6 yards per kickoff return. Kropp finished as the Foresters’ all-time leader with 557 career punt return yards.

63 OL Bryan Feltman – Lake Forest College
All-Midwest Conference second team selection, started all 10 games at right guard and helped the Foresters rush for at least 100 yards in all but two contests.

97 DL Ramel Samuel – Lake Forest College
All-Midwest Conference selection, made 52 stops on the year and added a sack and 3.0 tackles for loss. He also recovered a fumble. Samuel made at least five tackles in six contests and surpassed 100 career tackles.

3 WR Taylor Mandich – Lawrence University
All-Midwest Conference selection, caught 43 passes for 727 yards and 5 touchdowns. Finished fourth in the conference at 72.7 receiving yards per game and was seventh at 4.3 catches per contest.

24 LB Brandon Taylor – Lawrence University
Playing on both sides of the ball, rushed 26 times for 117 yards and a touchdown, while leading the Vikings with 98 tackles and positing 1.5 sacks and an interception.

70 OL Luke Zablocki – Lawrence University
Established on the Vikings’ offensive line that protected 2013 All-Midwest Conference quarterback Luke Barthelmess, who lined up for Team Stars & Stripes last December.

68 OG Josh Mitchell – Manchester College
Established himself on the Spartans’ offensive line this season.

7 QB Patrick Angle – Ohio Northern University
A two-time Honorable Mention All-Conference honoree, completed 185-of-297 passes for 2,334 yards and 23 touchdowns. In two seasons, completed 357-of-573 passes for 4,313 yards and 39 touchdowns, a quarterback rating of 144.15. Is ONU’s all-time career completion percentage leader with a 62.3 percent average.

45 LB Dillon Kwiat – Ohio Northern University
Led the team in tackles with 79 while starting all 10 games. Ended his 39-game career ranked eighth all-time with 255 career tackles, having started the last 30 games over the past three seasons.

43 DE Steven Kenny – Ohio Northern University
Is a three-time All-OAC honoree, was fourth on the team with 42 tackles and was second with 5.5 TFL. In 35 career games, ends his career with 134 tackles, 19 TFL and 4.0 sacks.

76 OT Michael Howell – Ohio Northern University
Started in all 10 games on the offensive line this season and was named Academic All-Ohio Athletic Conference in football.

41 LB Seth Swinehart – Rockford University
Earned All-Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference first team honors for the fourth consecutive season. Finished tied for the NACC lead in assisted tackles (52), was tied for third in forced fumbles (2), fourth in total tackles (89), tied for tenth in pass breakups (6) and twelfth in tackles for loss (9).

40 DE Alec Zoern – UW-Stout
Was fifth on the team in tackles with 49, 24 solo. Had 3.5 sacks, 9.0 tackles for loss, one pass break up and one fumble recovery.

93 DT Jamie Rohrig – UW-Stout
Earned his second consecutive second team all-WIAC selection. Finished with 23 total tackles, 13 solo, piled up 9 tackles for loss of 50 yards, had 5 sacks and forced one fumble.

1 WR Donald Miller – Wartburg College
Caught 33 passes for 429 yards and 2 touchdowns and returned 17 punts for 149 yards.

Coaching Staff: Don De Waard, Central, Head Coach; Joe Austin, Southwestern University; Jim Catanzaro, Lake Forest; Aaron Hafner, Luther; Rob Cushman, Augustana; John Roslien, Central, Player Personnel Director; Patrick Steenberge, General Manager; Frank Neu, Central, Athletic Trainer; Tim Glon, Ohio Northern, Sports Information; Trevor Curry, Central, Athletic Training Student/Equipment Manager; Drew Kleis, Central, Athletic Training Student/Equipment Manager; Juan Lopez, Team Coordinator


Determination Dedications and Faith

Players Corner Jamaal J

I just would like to express how happy and excited I am to have this opportunity to play the game I love. The Raptors organization seemed like the best fit for me after speaking with Coach J. Just days after first talking to coach and hearing what he had in mind and him knowing what he wanted for his team it just felt right for me to want to be apart of it. As far as all the questions on why I choose to play at a lower level is pretty much because I feel I have nothing to prove. I’ve played at the top levels and played well,also I feel I’ve earned my respect and so forth. And on top of that I love the game of football. And many may not see it from an imports eyes but it’s very stressful sitting day in and day out thinking man will this team call back are will that team call back, that’s all too much in a way. As a coach you should know what you want and coach J did. He let me know point-blank after talking that they were interested in having me and acted on it. So things for me feels much more like the offseason now knowing I have a team. I can now focus more on working out, my goals, and the team goals that are set for us.

Raptors Waste No Time Welcoming Jonas


Augsburg raptors commit “American heavy hitter & play maker” Jamaal Jonas from St. Louis, United States.

We are very proud that we were able to gain an American import, For our team.

Jamaal, is no stranger to the German/European football. He played the last 6 years in Germany, of which the last two seasons in the GFL for the Nuremberg Rams. He is undoubtedly one of the leading Defensive players of the League.
He was awarded the MVP several times and has won a championship with one of his previous teams. He was one of the top defensive play makers and tackler in the GFL. It is planned to have Jamaal as a starting safety, and for him to be used as a Rover. He will also supported our offense as a back-up QB. Prior to his European career Jonas played football on just about all levels from high school to indoor. And has played all skill positions from quarterback to defensive back.

“Jamaal is the ideal complement for us, we are very pleased. We welcome him and wish that he feels at home here. He is not only a very dynamic and versatile player, but his aggressive style and proven ability to bring an “old school” vibe to our already rapid defense – but he’s just a good, nice guy with character and values that you need to make it in our team. I couldn’t be happier with this decision, but now the real work begins, it is time to bring this decision to the success. “- Coach Johnson welcomes him to the Raptor’s family. He is expected to be in Augsburg mid-January to come to participate in the off-season program and integrated into the team.

Source: Augsburg Raptors