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Players Corner Jamaal J

I just would like to express how happy and excited I am to have this opportunity to play the game I love. The Raptors organization seemed like the best fit for me after speaking with Coach J. Just days after first talking to coach and hearing what he had in mind and him knowing what he wanted for his team it just felt right for me to want to be apart of it. As far as all the questions on why I choose to play at a lower level is pretty much because I feel I have nothing to prove. I’ve played at the top levels and played well,also I feel I’ve earned my respect and so forth. And on top of that I love the game of football. And many may not see it from an imports eyes but it’s very stressful sitting day in and day out thinking man will this team call back are will that team call back, that’s all too much in a way. As a coach you should know what you want and coach J did. He let me know point-blank after talking that they were interested in having me and acted on it. So things for me feels much more like the offseason now knowing I have a team. I can now focus more on working out, my goals, and the team goals that are set for us.

Phantoms Ink Art For Wiesbaden !!!!


Arthur Rubio needs no introduction to the GFL and nevertheless head coach Patrick Griesheimer is glad to announce the signing of the quarterback to Wiesbaden for the 2015 season. “Art has a strong arm and nerves of steel – he’s also very dangerous using his legs.” This explains the reason for this important piece to be added. “In our first game last season against the pirates, I was very surprised by this player and thought, this is exactly the type of quarterback I need for my team.”

Art Rubio played high school ball at Fillmore (California) and at Ottawa University (NAIA) where he was,also used as a wide receiver and Line Backer. Then, the 6’3 225 Rubio continued his career with the California Seminoles before he gained his first experience in the GFL with the Frankfurt Pirates last season.

“Rubio is a workhorse,” said Patrick Griesheimer, “he will be the leader, by example and his self-confidence, which we urgently need on our offense.”

In Mid-January 2015 he will join the Phantoms and is looking forward to his time in Wiesbaden. “A decisive advantage in this preparation is to get him here early with the team and getting to know the guys,” the coach explained he’s finally satisfied. And today, we say: welcome to the PHANTOMS Art !!

2014 All GFL Team


ISN is pleased to announce this years 2014 All GFL Team!!.

J.Sottilare FK
S.Jackson AC
Z.Cavanaugh TJ
P.Mattison LC

M.Sims SHU
G.Dixon SH
L.Barthelmess SS
T.Deed DM
M.Davis CGC
A.Lindley RR
G.Barth BG
J.Duhaney HI

M.Edmonds SS
C.Hafels AC
B.Kohn AC
P.Donahue LC
C.Harms LC
R.Rioux DM
F.weigel SS
J.Joyner FK

A.Mofondo AC
D.Donaldson DM
P.Motzki SH
C.Slater MM
M.Schimpfhauser MC
A.Chappuis DM
M.Haselbach BB
A.Hall BB
M.Lindner KW
K.Frischmann KW
S.Guenaltay KE

R.Newell MC
A.Rosette AC
T.Feser FK
K.Homri BL
K.Ellison SH
N.Reyna RR
N.Wiggins TJ
J.Silva Gomez DD
N.Witt LC
S.Bsharat HH



T.Goebel BL
P.Floeser SS
T.Kreuzer WP
M.Saine HH

C.Waldemer KW

Champs Again!


The Schw.Hall Unicorns gave it their all in last nights German Bowl. In front of about 13 thousand at Jahn Sportspark in Berlin the New Yorker Lions had the task of defending their 2013 championship. The game quickly got out of hand for Hall, after a field goal by F.Brenner. The Lions was first put on the scoreboard with a 12 yard TD run by McCants. The Unicorns seemed to not be in this game at all , with one of the leagues best rushing attacks Hall was held to only 48 yards. All 48 racked up by Sims. QB Mark Ehrenfried was a decent 17-28 what killed him was the 3 ints he tossed up to Lion defenders. Lions Tberriault had similar numbers going 18-28 with 0 picks for 210 yards. With only 1 touchdown through the air 6 came by ground. Dave McCants had 3 of those 6 as he had a very productive night with 12 rushes for 56 yards. Mike Andrew added 11 for 36 yards and 2 touchdowns and rushing leader QB Casey Therriault picked up 97 yards on 6 carries and added a td to the mix. The Lions out rushed the Unicors 195 to 48. Dable would be the Lions most productive receiver hauling in 7 catches for 79 yards and a td. Defense would be the dominating factor for the Lions, Homri lead the attack with 7 tackles and a interception. 2 more big interceptions came from Ihi and Lebeau who also had a big fumble recovery. The Lions reached the red zone 7 times and capitalize 7 times all with touchdowns, the Unicorns on the other hand would be 1-1 scoring only a field goal. this year’s German Bowl displayed the strength of the North compared to the South. The Lions have found a formula that works and they’ve continued to build with these same ingredients. And from the looks of things will continue to build. In my opinion if the Lions stay with the same structure they will be champs for the next 3 seasons. Hall is seen as the strongest team in the South Division and they were dominated so the South as a hole must step up the competition. The North Division is a tad bit stronger with teams like Dreaden, Berlin and Kiel all being strong competitors. This offseason will be big in terms of what teams do to compete with the Lions in 2015.



Knights stay afloat for 2015


The Knights will remain in the top league for 2015. With a 50 to 22 win in their first game play versus the the Wildcats. The Knights hit the road last weekend with a fan bus of 600 heading to Kirchdorf for game 2 of the relegation matches. the Knights began the game strong the passing game was key in the first game, but this game would be a little different as the running game took center stage. The knight relied heavily on Jojo Joyner as he played big as usual. Just like the first game the Knights had a very good team performance. In neither game were the Knights seriously threatened by the Wildcats. The only thing that went wrong for the Knight would be a couple of injuries that occurred. After a big helmet to helmet hit which looks significantly worse than what it was jojo took a short pause but later returned making impacts on both sides of the ball. The nights have had a long hard rough season and many had them counted out for the relegation I’m sure they have shockingly surprised lots of football fans by taking out a very strong Wildcats team 2 weeks in a row. The nights will have their hands full this offseason with recruiting and trying to better themselves for the upcoming season, and as for the Wildcats I’m sure they will have a target on their backs being the GFL2  champions and returning to the league to defend that title in 2015.

Lions looking to go back2back !!


In last week’s GFL semifinal game the New Yorker Lions hosted the Cologne Falcons in front of about 7000 spectators. Most didnt have the Falcons even making it to the playoffs let alone this game and they were pumped. The defending champions jumped out early to a 10-0 lead after a T.Goebel 33 yd field goal and a 6 yd Td run by Andrew. Heading into the second quarter things still looked hopeful for the Falcons even after giving up a 12yd Td pass from Therriault to Dabel. Kicker L.Moersch finally put the Falcons on the board. But little did Falcon fans know that will be the only points of the game for their team. The Lions went on a touchdown frenzy after giving up those 3 points. Top American import D.McCants had no rushing TDs but added a 85yd kick return Td to the mix. Both Andrews and Dabel added to their touchdowns and Star Qb C.Therriault added a 44yd Td run to make it 45-3 Lions. The Lions racked up 437 total offensive yards vs thr Falcons 176. the Falcons offense had a horrible day running 55 plays and just gaining 3.2 yards per play might have been their worst performance of the season. Running back by committee was the deal of the day for the Lions as 3 backs as well as their Qb all ran the ball at least 8 times. Lions Qb lead the team with 76yds and add 217 by air. The Lions will meet Hall in this years German bowl after a close win over the Dresden Monarchs. Hall’s top back M.Sims ripped the Monarchs D for 225 and 4 Td’s. This has set the stage for what most think will be a electrifying game.

GFL Look’s 2 Be Live !!!!

The GFL play-off picture is set as there’s one more week to play. In the North the Berlin Adler will face the Düsseldorf Panther and in the South the Allgäu Comets vs the Stuttgart Scorpions. The Scorpions lead the south for much of the season as they battled Hall back and forth for the top spot. That spot now belongs to Hall by only 2 points after a win this weekend over the Scorpions. The Canes and Unicorns have met a total of 6 times and took a 3 to 3 split. But the hard things for the Canes to forget is that 2 of those loses came in the German Bowl !! It will be a very intense game win the Canes make the long journey from Kiel to Schwabisch Hall for a 2nd QT-Finals face off next weekend !! Then you have the Monarchs D ranked 4th in our books vs the Mercenaries O that’s ranked 3rd. The Monarchs leader on D, D.Donaldson DB comes in the game with 76 Tackles and 1 sack. Marburg’s QB M.Brown has racked up a total of 4400 plus yards this season and will be looking to add to that come game time. Lets not for get the Monarch’s O lead by QB J.Welshs who’s totalled almost 3000 yards with 1000 plus yard receiver G.Rioux and 1300 yard clubber T.Deed rushing. The top team in Europe New Yorker Lions look to handle the Munich Cowboys and many see that taking place. The Cowboys aren’t a push over team but they Lions have just seem to be to be the strongest team in Germany. Falcons of Cologne will take on the Stuttgart Scorpions. Falcons opened eyes and are ranked 3rd in the North after a poor 2013 season! This game should be a barn burner !

Marburg Bombed By Comets!!!


In one of many thrilling games from this weekend. The Allgaeu Comets found their self in a dog fight with the Marburg Mercenaries. The Comets have proven that they belong with the big boys but it hasn’t been all that easy for them this season as it has been in the past. Facing the Mercenaries for the second and final time for this season the Comets wanted to make a statement. Marburg sneaked pass the Comets in the first meeting 28-27 in a close, and yet again the stage in Marburg was set for yet another slobber knocker. The Comets struck first when Jackson hit Webb for a 29yd score. That was the only points put up in the first Qt. The Mercenaries veteran Rb P.Trumpfhelle took it upon himself to put the first points on the broad for his team has he took one in from 5yds out. But the Comets Qb Shane Jackson put the passing skills to work scoring back to back drives to take the lead 20-7. Mercenaries Qb M.Brown then went to the air himself and found luke McCann on the next two drives to go up 21-20. Then after getting the ball back in his hands Brown hit Luster from 13 out to go up 28-20. The Mercenaries Brown found himself with the ball yet again but the drive was cut short with a strong effort by the Comets D. Comets Mofondo came up big with a big special teams punt block for a Td and with a 2pt conversion it was knotted up at 28. Time was ticking and the home team had to make something shake. After the kick off Brown took the field and on the first play from the Comets 44 Brown hit Luster to take the lead 35-28. It seemed to be over as some seen it but Jackson and the Comets wasnt done. Jacks compleated 3 straight before taking a TO. Now Marburg would be back on their hills and after 2 incomplete passing they got laxed and Jackson hit Hafels from 25 out with no time on the ticker to win the game 36-35.

The Berlin Adler’s wanted it more !!

Foto: © / Dannhaus

With 2000+ on hand at the site in Berlin it was a must win game vs the Monarchs. And early on both defenses played a stellar game holding each other 0-0 in the first quarter. It was Monarchs kicker J.Hilgenfeldt who put the first points on the broad with a 46 yard field goal first 3-0 Dresden. Adlers QB D.Outlaw struck back quick with a 3 yard touchdown pass to D.Voehringer to go up 7-3 Adlers. It was pretty much back and forth the whole game. Monarchs QB J.Welsh threw a strike to go up 10-7 Monarchs. Then before you knew it the Adler took flight on the wings of Outlaw. After a 27yd Td pass to Naranjo-Gonz, Outlaw himself ran 2 Td’s in to go up 28-10. Outlaw was 20-29 for 253 yds 2 Td’s 78yds being his longest completion to Anderson who hauled in three catches for 103 yds. Monarch QB J.Welsh had a hard day but managed. He was 15-35 with 254 yds 2Tds. Defense was the name of the game and it came down to who was hungry and wanted it more and it was the Berlin Adler. BA 28 – DM 17


QB Zac Cavanaugh fliegt in die Endzone der Crocodiles (pic: Adam Sander).

QB Zac Cavanaugh flys in the Endzone over Crocodiles (pic: Adam Sander).

On Saturday night the Troisdorf Jets takes the battle with a 42: 41 win over the Cologne Crocodiles with one week left for their fate in the GFL2. The Bonn Gamecocks had a big against the Bielefeld Bulldogs (27:10) shortly before to further sink the Bulldogs, this was a must win game for the Jets, to avoid landing in the drop zone. The spectators of that Jets game was given that evening football at high voltage. With the Jets QB 5 Z.Cavanaugh 290 passing yards with 4 TD’s it was a long night for the Crocodiles secondary. Jets Wide out R.Ket had 3 of those alone hauling in 9 balls for 175yrds. The ground game was also big for the Jets in the game. Cavanaugh lead the team with 105yrds with 2 TD’s. Jets RB N.Chatz chiped in with 91. D.Graves lead the Cologne attack but the crocodiles star that night was RB M.Davis rushing for 242yrds on 23 attempts but only added 1 TD to the mix.