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I Don’t Act Bran New, I Act Accordingly


For so many years growing up I’ve always wondered why a person would not represent their school or their community or whatever the case might be. Me myself always thought people like that felt they had become better than the rest of us. I had this feeling for a very long time,I even disliked some people for feeling that way about the place they come from. Even though cases may be different it always end back up at the point of everyone thinking you think differently now. But enuff with all that , getting to it. First topic as young athletes we all have the dreams of playing at the highest level right??? That’s all we know and that’s all we taught. But just like myself and some very talented players I looked up to played with/against that’s living normal 9 to 5’s that dream don’t often come true. With that being said stop asking me about the NFL, I have no admiration to play in the NO FUN LEAGUE. The road I was taken down and that I’m currently on is my NFL. So instead of some of yall with your sneak dissin questions ask yourself why did you even give up the dream of something you love?? Money wise for you green fiends, no we don’t make enough to be rich like NFL players but I’m fine with that ……..why!!!! I get paid to go to a different country to be a big kid and play a game I love, I put smiles on people’s faces that see me as a role model, I can go any where in the country and I know ppl are ppl know of me, I get to see places in the world some of yall my never lay real eyes on or step foot on land, just like the NFL I get to meet people from all walks of life, I could go on and on but I’ll stop there with showering you all with my riches lol 😂. I’m happy with the steps and accomplishments I’ve made. Now this topic of why I don’t represent my city, school are certain people………👀 ( looks around) 😂 Hell that’s super easy, my city,school are people don’t do ish to support and represent me,it go hand and hand in my book. Not once has a youth coach from the teams in my area invited me to speak with their kids about my journey, the same journey many of them may face later. My school 😂 I’ve never had support from that place even when I was there, I wasn’t one of their select few so why should I represent a place like that!!? As for the people I’ve heard to much BS in the past years of how I need to do this are need to do that, hell even had people tell me I still shouldn’t feel proud because I haven’t accomplished anything!!! Well hey sorry can’t rain on my parade 😁. But not to seem like a straight prick I do represent the 618, my HS coach (Suggie) and best believe mom dukes and pop’s along with a few others I know support and represent me to the fullest, other than that my city,school and most people around me don’t give to ***** about supporting and building with me and what I got going, so if you were wondering why you don’t see me REPRESENTING my community,school are others and they projets NOW YOU KNOW!


Determination Dedications and Faith

Players Corner Jamaal J

I just would like to express how happy and excited I am to have this opportunity to play the game I love. The Raptors organization seemed like the best fit for me after speaking with Coach J. Just days after first talking to coach and hearing what he had in mind and him knowing what he wanted for his team it just felt right for me to want to be apart of it. As far as all the questions on why I choose to play at a lower level is pretty much because I feel I have nothing to prove. I’ve played at the top levels and played well,also I feel I’ve earned my respect and so forth. And on top of that I love the game of football. And many may not see it from an imports eyes but it’s very stressful sitting day in and day out thinking man will this team call back are will that team call back, that’s all too much in a way. As a coach you should know what you want and coach J did. He let me know point-blank after talking that they were interested in having me and acted on it. So things for me feels much more like the offseason now knowing I have a team. I can now focus more on working out, my goals, and the team goals that are set for us.

Raptors Waste No Time Welcoming Jonas


Augsburg raptors commit “American heavy hitter & play maker” Jamaal Jonas from St. Louis, United States.

We are very proud that we were able to gain an American import, For our team.

Jamaal, is no stranger to the German/European football. He played the last 6 years in Germany, of which the last two seasons in the GFL for the Nuremberg Rams. He is undoubtedly one of the leading Defensive players of the League.
He was awarded the MVP several times and has won a championship with one of his previous teams. He was one of the top defensive play makers and tackler in the GFL. It is planned to have Jamaal as a starting safety, and for him to be used as a Rover. He will also supported our offense as a back-up QB. Prior to his European career Jonas played football on just about all levels from high school to indoor. And has played all skill positions from quarterback to defensive back.

“Jamaal is the ideal complement for us, we are very pleased. We welcome him and wish that he feels at home here. He is not only a very dynamic and versatile player, but his aggressive style and proven ability to bring an “old school” vibe to our already rapid defense – but he’s just a good, nice guy with character and values that you need to make it in our team. I couldn’t be happier with this decision, but now the real work begins, it is time to bring this decision to the success. “- Coach Johnson welcomes him to the Raptor’s family. He is expected to be in Augsburg mid-January to come to participate in the off-season program and integrated into the team.

Source: Augsburg Raptors


Hi Jamaal, Define the game of Football in 3 words
J- Barbaric, Thrilling, Peaceful

How did you end up playing in Europe?
J- I ended up playing in Europe after first doing a little research online and finding out about leagues overseas. That really sparked an interest back in me about playing the game I love because at one point I had giving it up. I first made film, got contacts and began working emailing coaches and presidents night and day until I started getting replies. Finally a reply came and that was the one. An American coach had seen some film that he liked and after talking for about a week I guess he like what he felt in himself about me and ask me if I was interested in playing ball in Europe. And from the time I said yes and stepped foot in Europe I’ve loved myself for making that decision.

What was your biggest challenge coming to the Old continent and adapting to the European football?
J-I guess I would have to say the biggest challenge I had to adapt to was the in game knowledge from teammates. I was blind to the fact that football was new to a lot of the guys are some may have not being playing as long as we play in America. And instead of just being out there doing your job you now had to take on a roll as being kind of an on field coach.

What is your opinion regarding the quality of the game played in the GFL?
J- In my opinion the GFL has the Best Quality. They have a wide range of different imports from all over,which makes that better because now you also get to see what other counties got to offer. And with the American rule they have if teams can afford it they can bring over a hand full of imports which more and more teams are seeming to be able to do.

In Europe, the vast majority of Club players are purely amateurs and the game of football is considered as an amateur sport. At the same time today most D1 and D2 teams of the dominant football countries have American imports on the key positions. What are your thoughts regarding this mix between pro’s and am’s?
J-The mix to me is fine it’s kinda like rookies and vet’s, meaning most of the time your going to get imports that has knowledge within and has played the game for many years and then with most of the domestic players they have only being playing for a few years are still lack bits of football knowledge and skills. And some of the domestic guys have spent time in the states playing ,others have played with the NFLE guys and coaches and know a ton about the game so they also to me are seen as vet’s (Pros) in my eyes.

During your career you have played at many positions: SS, CB, WR, HB and even QB –which one is the most challenging according your experience?
J-HB is a very Challenging position due to the fact of all the things you have to stay on top of. You have to remember your getting pounded 85% of the game at least, so staying fit is big, having your mindset right and being focus 24/7. But the most Challenging I would say is the QB position. This is the all eyes on me spot,the leader. So everything a QB do in most eyes has to be perfect. Footwork, Throwing technique, Reading Defenses. And to add to that you have the win lose factor over your head every game no matter what. Meaning a QB can do all he can with his god given power to win a game for his team but if he has no help then it’s no use, but if that game is lost no matter how good he played deep down you got a crow of people saying it was his fault. LOL being a QB is very challenging!!

Have you any regrets not playing football in the US?
J- I really can’t say that I have regrets not playing ball in the US. It sometimes gets to me not being able to have family and friends from home at the games but as far as playing wise I think I made the right choice in coming to Europe to play football. In some cases playing in Europe is better than playing in some of our Indoor leagues hands down. And I’ve had the chance to meet some great people from all over the world just by expanding out!

Life after football?
J- I kinda don’t see football ever leaving my life but life after playing football I hope to someday become a coach and began a coaching career. I’m already in the works of becoming a personal coach for football players. So for the time being this will be a big part of keeping football IN my life but also living a life after football.

sorce: Amerfoot

YOU Gotta B Kidding Me !!!!!

I must be lucky????? Hell no not at all that’s what insurance is for to take care of a injured player right? at least that’s what I thought so how could I be lucky. I came to Germany walking,running and jumping right? So why would u send me home hurt with a big space boot on??? why ill tell you unloyal. I have heard over the past weeks no teams in germany take care of their hurt players lol really you gotta be kidding me ive been over here for 6 seasons not 1 so I have ran across my fair share of teams that have taking great care of their falling solders. In one case a team kept a guy for half the winter meaning OFF SEASON so he could rehab and leave like he came under his own ability. So coaches, players ,presidents answer me this if your reading. Do you think its right to bring over players to use them to better your program some times bring them into your family but when things go south and they maybe can’t perform you dis own them? do you not take care of them? why would you get insurance if you dont want to let them use it ????? I think that’s totally WRONG !!!!!! And all imports need to really talk about this in the future with teams they are dealing with. Because going some where and them not wanting to live up to their end can really screw a lot up. And the biggest screw up will be your health which is most important in life. For guys that’s never been to Europe to play ball it’s not as bad as you might be thinking from some of the things i write. I love it over here its just you have to find the right people that will stay true no matter what and that’s a hard thing to do. …… 2013 i was pretty much the best damn player on D. I proved to them and a lot of others that i still got gas in the tank and that i was legit. i even was asked to come back for this 2014 season mid season 2013 and i showed my loyalty and told them yes i will return. I gave my comment and stayed true to the RAMS. But as we all see now everyone is making it as they are doing me a huge favor by letting me use the insurance that i have to get better!!! *no that’s whats its for* but i plan to use it why i got it and go back home the way i came to them in good health. Stay tuned cause im sure its much more to come and from now own out I will be voicing my thoughts more !!!!!! STAY TUNED


J.Jonas N the Players Corner!!!


Last time we chatted i really didnt know what my playing future would hold and i still dont at this time but one thing i do know is that ill be working super harder than the first time to get back to the feild. Its been about 2 weeks maybe 3 since the injury. And i have been going threw so much mentally and emotionally. And for those that know me know i keep a lot bottled up inside.. but hey today is the day i start to open up to the world. Since being in NBG in 2013 and having a good season i thought 2014 would be heaven. All doing the off season i spoke with staff talked to players and we had our goal set. There was also a point in time where everyone and i mean everyone here was trying to help me find a way to make the move to Germany and live life to me i took this as a huge honor …. i found people that wanted to help me and not only because i play football. Well a lot has come to light doing the 2014 season and me being out for the season. Maybe its because i show my feelings on the feild. i dont run and cry to coaches if on feild players mess up are what ever it maybe. One incident from last season that i know had ppl thinking was when i took a late hit from the back and yes it was a cheap shot …. so of coruse im going to say something to someone about that … so im telling the Ref and why im telling him i got my OWN team mates yelling at me not even caring what happen are trying to get the Ref’s to keep an eye on it  so yea that pissed me off even more because the guys that im putting my body on the line for playing banged up when most dont even practice cause of a cold are something so small. So i felt i had everyone against me yelling went on until we all calimed down and that was it …. then comes this season …… So ok i myself know im not your typcal sized football player lol so all ive heard since i landed was again the size jokes and yet again im coming back with my jokes this lil guy lead the D last year as a undersized safety best one in the GFL2 south. So oneday we at practice and bam everyone on O wants to be funny guys and yea me jamaal im not going!!! i trunt up asap ..y for one we on the same team 2 its game week 3 if i really wanna play game speed in practice ill eat they azz up, but this lil trun up action i know for sure had the staff on eged and that was fine with me because i thought people understood football this is a gladitor sport and NO softies out there that how i came up in this game …. win lose fight as a team …. be one as a team …. be strong be hard and neva be soft. So anyways a point came doing a game where one of my DB’s said something that was way out of the way and was upset cause i was yelling lol really you a man im a man and this is football but yea then i make it to the side line and thats when i really first had my thoughts of these ppl dont like me really… friend my conterpart my coach told me me i was a cancer and if i wanted i could start looking for a new job …. REALLY !!!!!! because your yelling and talking bad about me in my face but think im not suppose to say something lol noooooooo i dont rock like that …..but we cleared that up from what i thought. .so the night i make it in from the hospital i have a talk and from that talk i got none of these feelings i was told everything would be done to keep me around ..but lol that was b4 they found out i had to go under the knife… once this happened all ive been hearing is how much of a  problem i was and this is from staff members i talked to everyday doing the off season, if you thought of me like this why bring me back??  then on top of know being bad mouthed the team had already had a replacement ready lol ….. so hear it goes they kicked me out my spot so the new guy could move in. wanted to and still want to send me home with out even getting back to at least running again mind u i came over here running and banging my body for this team but now its send him home messed up and all .. wow that says a lot !!!! crazy thing tho that really made me see they dont give to it’s about me now that i cant be that baller for them …. and to try and take my life line away the only way anyone know to contact me and give to him yea ok yall must be ready for WW3 cause i am at all times. The most hurtful thing tho is ive only gotten a handful of guys trying to see how im doing …. havent heard from are spoken to no coach after ive had OP noone seems to care and thats kool with me i just wanna rehab get home and get to working out so next season i can have a big A 🙂 on my face … All in all i just wish they would have kept things real from the start prolly wouldnt even be going threw this but it is wut its and god had this plan so im going to follow it !!!! lol i know i was all ova the place with this but im a tad bit in my feelings as im thinking and writting ….but i hope for the most part the football world see and understand where im coming from. And for all my German teams and coaches that KNOW me !!!!!!!!!!!! ill be ready for 2015 and i would love to be back in D Land !!!!! Hit me up if you wanna know anything !!!

Posted like ah Post!!!


It was game week number 1 vs number 2!! who would be crowned the leader of the pack no questions asked…. That was the vibe leading up to what was the most important game of the season. The wildcats was seen to be the most powerful team in the division. We wanted to go out play our game but at the same time make a small statement that yes the Rams are 4 Real this season!! The week of practice went pretty well guys seemed to be focused and into the game we went…… A quick look inside my head I hadn’t really shown much this season thus far and I still had a chip on my shoulder towards myself to play better i was playing below my capabilities, and I felt that and seen that on film. I had it in my mind for this to be my break out game going into break!!! little did I know different plans had been made for me already. The game started off not in our favor which we wasnt worried this was nothing we hadn’t faced before. The game was back and forth drives with a 7-0 score the last I remember. It was about 2 mins if that into the 2nd Qt when the play started, I had a pretty good read on the ball and it was headed towards our side line. As I took my first step to break towards the action everything felt great until I took that second step to explode and As I took that step all I heard over everything was a powww and I feltd me still in game mode right so I look at my cleats thinking I just blew a tire but no my shoes was fine and that’s when it hit me … that pop I heard was what I feared most since 2009. I tore my other one !!!! know as everyone rushes to help and see about the kid all i got going on in my head is bad thoughts about not playing again, the team not taking care of things, me losing my brothers cause now im useless, me being mad at myself for getting hurt i had soooooo much going on inside. As I finally made it to the locker room got my tape cut off and seen the damage I knew and all I could do was cry!!!! So know im pissed sitting in the ER and in comes 2 more of my teammates. Our starting SS and CB !!! so know myself really have that sick feeling because we have lost so many guys so early in what was seen to be the season for the RAMS!!! So as we sit we get news that our starting WR is headed in to join our little party at the krankhaus … smdh oh mein gott!!!! this can’t be real !! but yea as the day and days went by it has been setting in big time that this is real we as a team have to come together and drive each other. After losing players and a hard fought game like that 14-13 you know you still have what it takes to make it work. Over the past few days this has all been hitting me so hard and it’s not the fact that it happened it’s that it happened again… in 2009 my Rookie season in Germany with Marburg i blew out my right Achilles in april right before the season and I was told a lot of things … go home , u cant play again, u might not play again, its going to take u a year just to feel able to have contact sport again, i heard it all. But one thing i didn’t hear but had to tell myself was i wont go home, i will play again and im going to do it faster than any of them has seen. and anybody that really knows me know if I really put my mind to do something it will get done !!!! and that i did. By mid july I was running and lightly doing drills to show i could and will play again!! But know i have just about those same feelings again and even tho i havent so much heard that’s its over for football for me ive been asking myself that!! Y i know age plays a part even tho numbers don’t lie !!! then comes the question who takes the chance on bring him in for the 2015 season?? all kinds of things like that.. and to be real all of that scares me because that’s not the way i wanted to end it… i still felt i had a few years left but now?? hummm idk once my heart heals from this then i start my road to recov then hopefully i get back into grindmode mindset and football still wont have a grave site in my grave yard just yet!!

J.Jonas -N- Da Players Corner!!


Sooooo the last time we talked i had just gotten done with my first practice i think. Well we are now weeks past that. After a few practices later we learned that the Cottbus Crayfish of the North would postpone their preseason game!!! That had a lot of us down especially us ones that hadn’t competed in training camp. This now ment going into the season kinda flat. Anyways with this being the new stress factor i was again battling my old one lol !! And oppsie i exploded doin game week it was perfect timing i was at my boiling point and we as a team needed to be woke up!!! So yea practice got a tad bit turned up!!! Now my team as well as myself are fired up! And to add more gas to the fire a interview surfaced with the coach of our opponent talkin ish about how we was going to have no chance against them. How they would start the season 2-0, well game time came it was pass check when the words started to fly and we all knew ish was now real!!! We knew that the Razorbacks would have one of the top backs pounding the ball. He’s a Steven Jackson build back big strong and has good speed. We had a hard time dealing but the hand was dealt and we came away victorious!!! 22-19 .. yea it might have been close but a W is a W. And no lie i came into the game on E! Until i was woke up lol i played a pretty decent game but hats off to my team and especially the D. We as defensive players rarely get credit but if we hadn’t stepped up on their last drive the out come could have been totally different!!! Our new Qb A.J Springer played an impressive game!! Opening the eyes of all who may doubt the new kid on the block! Also hats off to the ground force and Beast mode Curry for shredding the turf!!! We gearing up to battle at home this weekend!!! Stay tuned!!!

The Journey 2014!


The anticipation of the 2014 season has really set in, as the days of the offseason fly by one can only dream of the up coming season! Friday my guys set out to head south for a weekend mini camp with the munchen rangers. As coach set me pics it really started to sink in that it was time. I set out on my journey first stop Chi town….plane left late which now had ya boi sittin on cotton!! We land now we got to sit on the damn tarmac for I’d say a good 15mins!! Now for those who know me know now im pissed im late to this flight to Frankfurt now and on top of that the damn flight attendant said let all connecting flight passengers off fast this !!!! Guy stop right in front of me i be polite say excuse me he replies oh im rushing to …lmao OMG he made me feel sum type of way at that point!!! But i kept calm pissed as hell tho but finally made it to the gate to find out i missed it. So now im pissed nervous all type ways !! Lol but this cool lil chick fixed me up got me on the next flight.. But thing was instead of me being in NBG at 10am ill get there bout 7pm lol smh. So bet she said ehurr thang was good ! In todays world yea right after a pretty nice flight with my own row 🙂 i make it to Dusseldorf and find out ion got no ticket to NBG so im now back super pissed after being happy to be in D land. So this lady really told me she couldn’t help me ..mind u now this the main desk! She say wait at the gate ….ok…..wait 2 hours plus 1 hour outside cause a fire alarm!!! The find out after gettin back in the ppl at the gate couldn’t help me. Im feeling helpless so i go back to the main desk ok new lady let me try her!!! Hallo … Dis dat & 3rd … Boom she gettin things poppin she found all my info the f up and ehurr thang !! S/O A.Kotzan Lufthansa Dusseldorf!! It took her some time but she got me squared away and on my way. I made it to NBG and headed right to practice to meet up with the guys! It was a great feeling to be back. So next practice was time to gear up it started out great till the end of indys then the cramp monster started lerkin !!! Lol yea it was man down!! But things have progress since then with not only me but the team as well. Stay tuned in tho ill be gettin at cha’s !!! 😉