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Phantoms Ink Art For Wiesbaden !!!!


Arthur Rubio needs no introduction to the GFL and nevertheless head coach Patrick Griesheimer is glad to announce the signing of the quarterback to Wiesbaden for the 2015 season. “Art has a strong arm and nerves of steel – he’s also very dangerous using his legs.” This explains the reason for this important piece to be added. “In our first game last season against the pirates, I was very surprised by this player and thought, this is exactly the type of quarterback I need for my team.”

Art Rubio played high school ball at Fillmore (California) and at Ottawa University (NAIA) where he was,also used as a wide receiver and Line Backer. Then, the 6’3 225 Rubio continued his career with the California Seminoles before he gained his first experience in the GFL with the Frankfurt Pirates last season.

“Rubio is a workhorse,” said Patrick Griesheimer, “he will be the leader, by example and his self-confidence, which we urgently need on our offense.”

In Mid-January 2015 he will join the Phantoms and is looking forward to his time in Wiesbaden. “A decisive advantage in this preparation is to get him here early with the team and getting to know the guys,” the coach explained he’s finally satisfied. And today, we say: welcome to the PHANTOMS Art !!

Crocodiles take down Bulldogs!!

The game itself was seen at the beginning clearly nervous actions on both sides, a fumble on the first drive of the Crocodiles put the Bielefeld Offense up 7: 0. The following Drive David Graves got an interception, so that again gave Bielefeld possession. But the Bielefeld Offense was not error-free, the aggressive defense of Crocodiles could accommodate a fumble. A short time later, it was then a dynamic run of Mike Davis and the subsequent extra point by as always super safe kicker Max Reuter, who were responsible for the compensation. Shortly thereafter it was Frank Klein man who could intercept a pass and the offense brought in a promising position, but this could not take the chance. As of now the game until halftime weighed back and forth, with the Bulldogs vorlegten again, but the Crocodiles were reloading with two more touchdowns by Mike Davis. Just before half time the Crocodiles Defense could then stop the offense of the Bulldogs once again, this time the offense did not miss the chance and Denis staves scored 5 seconds before the end of the first half, the first guide of Crocodiles.

What no one knew at that time was that this guide was not given until the end, the Crocodiles did not permit any further points more in the second half. David Graves could tag by running the next touchdown even before then Yunes Rahimi, in turn, was able to secure a fumble and return post Max Reuter’s pass from David Graves scored the decision. Last desperate attacks the Bulldogs were stopped, Jimmy Enderes conquered by another interception the ball again, so that the victorious Cologne could run out of time.

Head Coach David Odenthal is accordingly satisfied with the performance: “Today we have retrieved our performance, made ​​unnecessary errors only at the beginning of the game and ultimately deserved to win. We will now prepare ourselves focused on the local derby against the Jets Troisdorf, we want to win more games.

Aug 25 2014

Darmstadt falls to Frankfurt (Pirates) in Opener


The Darmstadt diamonds lost their season opening match this past weekend to Frankfurt pirates at the at the Commerzbank-Arena in a unexpected lost 7:42. While it looked at first, that both teams neutralize each other in the 1st quarter Frankfurt found its start button and turned things around.

This changed at the beginning of the second half, the diamonds went on a short run with a 7-0 lead. The diamonds were still cool. Kevin Galisnki took a fumble near the opposing end zone, Lukas Faudt three plays later could carry for a touchdown over the line. Nevertheless, the pirates still the 14:7 breaks guide that could build the Frankfurt in the first drive of the 3rd quarter on 20:7. A played out two-point conversion failed.

The diamonds had the chance to reduce the result itself and had already been in the next drive on the 5 yard line of Frankfurt. Unfortunately Lukas Faudt lost the ball just before the end zone and the diamonds thus the possession of the ball.

The diamonds never recovered from this shock, and the Frankfurt took the booklet in hand more and more. Pirates quarterback Bryant brought the diamonds defense with his runs and long passes completely out of step, and the offense line of Darmstadt was an aggressive pass rush of the Frankfurt at almost any turn exposed. So it was that quarterback Sonny Weishaupt a to the other times before the flashing frankfurters Dodge and had to take several sacks, and twice lost the ball with one interception.

The Frankfurt showed a strong performance in the offense and increased the lead in the 3rd quarter to 35-7. Finally broke the morale of the brave fighting Darmstadt. This resulted in the 4th quarter only a further touchdown of Frankfurt. Darmstadt still sought correction of the result, but an another sack on Walker at running out clock, sealed this bitter defeat from the perspective of the diamonds.

“Welcome to GFL2”, end of the game commented  Offensive Coordinator Alex Marquardt . He was asked about the loss of ball in the second half and the power of Frankfurt: “we wanted to score too quickly, but we really didn’t  find our game. Both the offense and the defense. The guys have felt today, that the difference between the third and the second division is nevertheless enormous.”

 This week the diamonds travel to Nuremberg to the Rams, who in turn defeated the Ravensburg Razorbacks with 42:36.

J.Jonas -N- Da Players Corner!!


Sooooo the last time we talked i had just gotten done with my first practice i think. Well we are now weeks past that. After a few practices later we learned that the Cottbus Crayfish of the North would postpone their preseason game!!! That had a lot of us down especially us ones that hadn’t competed in training camp. This now ment going into the season kinda flat. Anyways with this being the new stress factor i was again battling my old one lol !! And oppsie i exploded doin game week it was perfect timing i was at my boiling point and we as a team needed to be woke up!!! So yea practice got a tad bit turned up!!! Now my team as well as myself are fired up! And to add more gas to the fire a interview surfaced with the coach of our opponent talkin ish about how we was going to have no chance against them. How they would start the season 2-0, well game time came it was pass check when the words started to fly and we all knew ish was now real!!! We knew that the Razorbacks would have one of the top backs pounding the ball. He’s a Steven Jackson build back big strong and has good speed. We had a hard time dealing but the hand was dealt and we came away victorious!!! 22-19 .. yea it might have been close but a W is a W. And no lie i came into the game on E! Until i was woke up lol i played a pretty decent game but hats off to my team and especially the D. We as defensive players rarely get credit but if we hadn’t stepped up on their last drive the out come could have been totally different!!! Our new Qb A.J Springer played an impressive game!! Opening the eyes of all who may doubt the new kid on the block! Also hats off to the ground force and Beast mode Curry for shredding the turf!!! We gearing up to battle at home this weekend!!! Stay tuned!!!

Lindley back -N- Ravensburg


26 year old Andrecus Lindley will be the man for the offense of Ravensburg Razorbacks running back core. “Drec” is originally from near the Atlanta, Georgia area and played for the NCAA Division I Jacksonville State Gamecocks before transferring in 2010 to the Division III Team of the Lagrange Panthers. He was voted with 14 touchdowns in 10 games as Offensive Player of the Year and was able to break some school records .

Last season in 2013, the strong running back led the Razorbacks to a few victories and convinced everyone with his performance. He scored 18 touchdowns,and four two-point conversions for the wild boar and ended the season with an impressive 1193 Rushing yards.

“He is a strong and very experienced player. We are very glad that Andrecus has decided again this year to return to the Razorbacks. Andrecus will wear number # 7. In addition to his responsibilities in the first team, he will also support the youth teams of the Razorbacks as a coach, stated Head Coach Thomas Miller.

question: “Andrecus, why did you decided to return to the ‘ Andrecus replied: Well, Ravensburg is a successful and rapidly growing organization with great supporters. There are many people with whom I was able to build a great relationship with and that gave me a chance to prove myself to Ravensburg and to represent its football team. The coaches and the team took a risk with me last year because they did not actually know whether we would harmonize. This season I would like to finish what we started last year, : “Winning is a tradition here!”

“Andrecus, what do you expect now approaching the GFL season 2?”

“We still have weaknesses, but with hard work and total dedication from me and my teammates to achieve our objectives. I expect the team has learned from what we achieved last year together, and the positive experiences which can be implemented this year., we are in a strong league with strong teams who are to be respected, and we will confront them as such. none of our opponents will underestimate us as well, so we will prepare every week like a championship game. Let . every week be 1-0 We will not leave the path of what makes us operate successfully, the Razorbacks draws a superb property of:. playing hard, having fun and this is exactly what is important. ”


2014 Razorbacks


The boars out of the City of Ravensburg were founded in 1987. After a disastrous season in 1997, the Razorbacks occupied the last place in the Baden-Württemberg division.

2007 succeeded the Razorbacks the long-awaited promotion to the Oberliga and three years later, Ravensburg was promoted to the Regionalliga.

The Razorbacks were 2012 champions of the Regional center and moved into the GFL2 with a remarkable 4th Place finish in their 2013 debut season.

The goal is to have establishment in the 2nd League probably for this coming season. But with the loss of a few key players like Courtney Daily are Alex Lorch this team is already seen to be in trouble especially with the uncertainty of Mario Hines. But with the signing of Chad Woodfork the Razorbacks can again have a glimmer of hope to at least survive the season.

2014 Frankfurt Universe


After the surprising fall of the professional league NFL Europe, a new football club was founded in Frankfurt and the AFC Universe saw the light of the football world. The first kickoff was at that time run by Galaxy soccer legend Ralf Kleinmann.

In the first two years Frankfurt managed the direct rise in the country and league. In 2010 the team played in the Regional league and finished a disappointing fifth place. A year later, became runner-up of the Regional center and benefited from the increase of teams in the GFL2, so despite the team missed shot at the Championship they moved up.

Last season the Frankfurt Universe was yet again runner-up of the GFL2-south. But some see that as a gain do to a few stumbles by other teams. For the Universe to be as great as some see them they had hard times with their cross town rival Frankfurt Pirates in both games. They had also a hard time with Starnberg the 2nd game. And the 2nd game vs the Wildcats was another big scare. And as seen last season the Rams of Nürnberg won’t be a easy win. The Universe lost the first match with a clear eye, and to some won the second only do to a slump of the Rams. But with all the movements this offseason a few insiders say this roster isn’t as strong as last years and the rise won’t be as easy of a aim for Frankfurt as they think. Even with the signing of Manns and Milhouse which are 2 very good players they still need a few other playmakers to show up to give them that push.

NBG Rams 2014


The former Noris Rams are among the veterans of American football in Germany. The “Aries” were founded in 1981 under the name Nürnberg Rams and played from 1983 (from 1987 as Noris Rams) to 1998, a record 16 years in a row in the first Bundesliga, before they had to stop & fold after the 1998 season. In 2007, the Nuremberg Rams was founded under the old name and since then had nothing but success In four consecutive years. During this time, the Rams only had to cope with a handful of defeats. As a climber the Rams has been pretty remarkable in the GFL2. One can only wonder whether the hit series will continue for the Rams this season! With the loss of a top young linebacker, team leading receiver, a professional experience DB and a New Rookie QB some think this season will be a test. But whats being overlooked with the Rams is they will be returning a very soild O Line and one of the top GFL RB’s as well as a deep stable of back ups from 2013. The offense still have a soild receiving corps lead by former National player Flo Rabe. The defense still seem to have kept it’s excitement! Returning a physical D line with a force of LB’s and ball hawking hit hungry DB’s. But time well tell where the cards will lay.