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Champs Again!


The Schw.Hall Unicorns gave it their all in last nights German Bowl. In front of about 13 thousand at Jahn Sportspark in Berlin the New Yorker Lions had the task of defending their 2013 championship. The game quickly got out of hand for Hall, after a field goal by F.Brenner. The Lions was first put on the scoreboard with a 12 yard TD run by McCants. The Unicorns seemed to not be in this game at all , with one of the leagues best rushing attacks Hall was held to only 48 yards. All 48 racked up by Sims. QB Mark Ehrenfried was a decent 17-28 what killed him was the 3 ints he tossed up to Lion defenders. Lions Tberriault had similar numbers going 18-28 with 0 picks for 210 yards. With only 1 touchdown through the air 6 came by ground. Dave McCants had 3 of those 6 as he had a very productive night with 12 rushes for 56 yards. Mike Andrew added 11 for 36 yards and 2 touchdowns and rushing leader QB Casey Therriault picked up 97 yards on 6 carries and added a td to the mix. The Lions out rushed the Unicors 195 to 48. Dable would be the Lions most productive receiver hauling in 7 catches for 79 yards and a td. Defense would be the dominating factor for the Lions, Homri lead the attack with 7 tackles and a interception. 2 more big interceptions came from Ihi and Lebeau who also had a big fumble recovery. The Lions reached the red zone 7 times and capitalize 7 times all with touchdowns, the Unicorns on the other hand would be 1-1 scoring only a field goal. this year’s German Bowl displayed the strength of the North compared to the South. The Lions have found a formula that works and they’ve continued to build with these same ingredients. And from the looks of things will continue to build. In my opinion if the Lions stay with the same structure they will be champs for the next 3 seasons. Hall is seen as the strongest team in the South Division and they were dominated so the South as a hole must step up the competition. The North Division is a tad bit stronger with teams like Dreaden, Berlin and Kiel all being strong competitors. This offseason will be big in terms of what teams do to compete with the Lions in 2015.



Unicorns vs Lions Battle in the Big Bad City


The New Yorker Lions are the defending champs of the GFL and has stormed through the GFL regular season and the playoffs with ease heading into German Bowl 36 in Berlin. They led the league in just about every category like scoring offense, scoring defense, overall defense,rushing defense and including perhaps the most important of all turn-overs which the Lions lead also. The Lions created twice as many turnovers as the Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns who finished 2nd.Hall got off to a slow start this season added a new system to the team as well as having key injuries to top performers.
The Unicorns got back on track after the break once every one got healthy. Relaying on workhorse Marcus Sims Hall took off on a 14 game win streak and Sims was a very big part racking up 170 yards a game. Schwabisch Hall is a very fundelmental team that execute plays better than anyone. But Sims and his gound force may have a hard time facing a front 7 most see as the best in Europe. But the Lions back end my have their hands full with Hall’s Wr’s Will Powell and 6’7 Aurieus Adeqbesan who is seen as a mismath for any DB he faces.
The offense of the Lions has also been one to fear this season led by QB Casey Therriault who makes things happen. Casey is a persetion passer that puts the ball on point and with one of the most feared Wr duo’s in th GFL with the French connection Niklas Romer and Anthony Dable. The Lions also have one of the best backfeilds in all of Europe with Sven Rsemann a good all around back, Michael Andrew the best that pounds at the D and then quick and shifty Dave McCants. This will be a game you dont want to miss so tune in Saturday and 6pm German time 12noon(EST) to Eurosport and Eurosport2.

Therriault? Lions? Yep he’s back!!!

A few days after the home game in the Big6 competition against the Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna , the New Yorker Lions have set the course .

After the retirement of Dr. Gerald Meier from the post of managing director of marketing company of Lions , takes over until further provisionally this office again its predecessor and New York managing director Thomas Krecklenberg . With the provisional adoption of the CEO post by Thomas Krecklenberg , were also almost the same time as the contracts of the successful coach duo head coach Troy Tomlin and defensive coordinator Dave Likins two more seasons (2015 , 2016) extended.

In addition, the Braunschweiger Footballer have given the return of her last year’s exceptional playmaker Casey Therriault known. As substitutes for the injured Jose Mohler Therriault came the end of June 2013 the team of the lion city dwellers. In 13 games for the New York Lions , he scored 3,192 yards and 33 touchdowns space gain of passports. In addition, he latched on almost 800 yards and another 14 touchdowns himself He was instrumental in the rebirth of the New York Lions and winning the German Bowl XXXV in 2013. Just in time for the game against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes of 24 – year-old quarterback will return to Brunswick. However, since the previous U.S. playmaker James Peterson will remain in Braunschweig, can head coach Troy Tomlin fall back for the remainder of the 2014 season on three experienced playmaker with Therriault , Peterson and Mike Friese .

Lions Ink New Leader for 2014 Campaign


So news of the new signing by the New Yorker Lions have brought tons of questions mostly being where is Casey Therriault !!! Casey lead the Lions to the 2013 German Bowl with 3,192 passing yards and 33 touchdowns where he clearly out played Dresdens Jeff Welsh. Casey went 23 of 33 for 317 yards and 3 td’s. So the big question is why did he not return to lead the Lions in 2014 to possibly another GFL championship?? He was surely qualified for the job as we all seen. Was he not offered? Are did he not want to return? …. Those questions are still up in the air but after winning a championship and returning some of your key pieces from the 2013 season it seems only right to bring back the man who lead you there. The one year contracts and the loyalty of teams to players especially after having a good productive season should change throughout Europe some think. As seen with some teams in the past if you return your productive players the knowledge of your program is there also the chemistry between the import players and the domestic guys also will be there and possibly stronger than the year before. But the next big question is can quarterback James Peterson have that 2013 chemistry to lead the Lions to a 2014 championship? Peterson is a 23 year old  6’3 230 pounder from D3 Concordia University. Where he racked up tons of accolades.