From the Mid-West 2 the Middle East !!!


ISN exclusive with Demarius Bolds professional basketball player from East St.Louis ,IL. After a lengthy career of playing overseas Bolds is seen to many as a veteran in this game. In 2014 Bolds returned home from Greece mid season due to an injury and could not help his team in the playoff run but returning home wasn’t all so bad Bolds had the chance to spend some quality time with his family and new born bundle of joy. Steady focused on his career in early October Bolds set out to play in the Middle East (Iraq). And this would be the opportunity Bolds has been looking for throughout his career.
Bolds stated that his first couple days in Iraq was better than he expected. He expected a third world country with alot of racism and poor people. He arrived there and instantly noticed the people are very nice to him and always want to take pictures even the military he said. Bolds said he definitely didn’t expect to see so many nice american cars in this country. And the first thing family and friends questioned him about is hows the food is? The food is no different from the states or even Europe, in Bolds opinion.  So far Demarius experience in Iraq have been nothing but positive and hopefully it stays that way he said. The first practice in Iraq was a lot tougher than he had imagined it would be. They did nothing but drills Bolds said, “my legs were hurting for days.” Bolds joins a already strong team that lost in the finals last season, but as he stated  hopefully I’m the missing piece to help get that Championship. I really like our team because they are very hard workers, no one complains, and everybody is positive and don’t talk down on other teammates. I think we will build good chemistry and have a very successful season.

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