The University of Madero Tigers gear up for this weekends test


On Saturday the White Madero University Tigers faced their most difficult opponent so far. And in week 7 the cats took on the Wild Sheep on their Campus in Toluca. After the game the victory was not to the cats, however, looking beyond the result they left the game with positive things and learning that bought the White Tigers a new attitude that was shown for four quarters. Coach Emmanuel Flores analyzed the performance of his team in the match against Toluca: “We liked the performance of the boys and how they faced the party because we have the mentality that we do not care about the score because it does not reflect what the boys did on the field. There are lots of learning, lots of growth, and lots of attitude something that every team needs because attitude is most important. “Coach Emmanuel Flores added: “We learned we can do lots of things to a certain level. Considering our opponents think that’s our best game because we had sporadic responses, but from the first quarter to the last our game play never lowered, but the joy did not come out and it showed on the field. ”

The next test for the White Tigers will be held on Friday, October 10 at 19:00, date in which they will face on the road to the Wild Sheep Mexico City Campus.

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