The Tijuana Maroons look to finish strong!

The Maroons of Tijuana will have its last game of the 2014 season where they will face UABC campus of Mexicali, the Maroons have lost their last two games and look to finish the season with a win and wait for the results to see what position they land in for the semi-group. The Maroons are strong and bracing for the postseason, but for now they are focused on UABC Mexicali, the last two weeks has not yielded the desired results and it is time to wake up and get a win to close the season with five wins and two losses . We asked Head Coach Ricardo Licona how he sees the team and the season finale: “At the moment we are focused on UABC Mexicali and we have to come out with the win because if we lose were out of the playoffs, I have confidence that we will return to our level, we’ve had some injured players, a long trip to La Paz, but those are no excuses for not getting the results, we have a good group of players and I think we’re all on the same page, we had more than two seasons were we did not lose two games in the regular season and it opens our eyes to know that we have to focus more on what we are doing and put our feet on the ground to reach the goal we set in January at the first team meeting. ” The Maroons will travel to the state capital to face Maroons Mexicali campus on Friday October 10, 2014.


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