Knights stay afloat for 2015


The Knights will remain in the top league for 2015. With a 50 to 22 win in their first game play versus the the Wildcats. The Knights hit the road last weekend with a fan bus of 600 heading to Kirchdorf for game 2 of the relegation matches. the Knights began the game strong the passing game was key in the first game, but this game would be a little different as the running game took center stage. The knight relied heavily on Jojo Joyner as he played big as usual. Just like the first game the Knights had a very good team performance. In neither game were the Knights seriously threatened by the Wildcats. The only thing that went wrong for the Knight would be a couple of injuries that occurred. After a big helmet to helmet hit which looks significantly worse than what it was jojo took a short pause but later returned making impacts on both sides of the ball. The nights have had a long hard rough season and many had them counted out for the relegation I’m sure they have shockingly surprised lots of football fans by taking out a very strong Wildcats team 2 weeks in a row. The nights will have their hands full this offseason with recruiting and trying to better themselves for the upcoming season, and as for the Wildcats I’m sure they will have a target on their backs being the GFL2  champions and returning to the league to defend that title in 2015.

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