GFL Look’s 2 Be Live !!!!

The GFL play-off picture is set as there’s one more week to play. In the North the Berlin Adler will face the Düsseldorf Panther and in the South the Allgäu Comets vs the Stuttgart Scorpions. The Scorpions lead the south for much of the season as they battled Hall back and forth for the top spot. That spot now belongs to Hall by only 2 points after a win this weekend over the Scorpions. The Canes and Unicorns have met a total of 6 times and took a 3 to 3 split. But the hard things for the Canes to forget is that 2 of those loses came in the German Bowl !! It will be a very intense game win the Canes make the long journey from Kiel to Schwabisch Hall for a 2nd QT-Finals face off next weekend !! Then you have the Monarchs D ranked 4th in our books vs the Mercenaries O that’s ranked 3rd. The Monarchs leader on D, D.Donaldson DB comes in the game with 76 Tackles and 1 sack. Marburg’s QB M.Brown has racked up a total of 4400 plus yards this season and will be looking to add to that come game time. Lets not for get the Monarch’s O lead by QB J.Welshs who’s totalled almost 3000 yards with 1000 plus yard receiver G.Rioux and 1300 yard clubber T.Deed rushing. The top team in Europe New Yorker Lions look to handle the Munich Cowboys and many see that taking place. The Cowboys aren’t a push over team but they Lions have just seem to be to be the strongest team in Germany. Falcons of Cologne will take on the Stuttgart Scorpions. Falcons opened eyes and are ranked 3rd in the North after a poor 2013 season! This game should be a barn burner !


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