Marburg Bombed By Comets!!!


In one of many thrilling games from this weekend. The Allgaeu Comets found their self in a dog fight with the Marburg Mercenaries. The Comets have proven that they belong with the big boys but it hasn’t been all that easy for them this season as it has been in the past. Facing the Mercenaries for the second and final time for this season the Comets wanted to make a statement. Marburg sneaked pass the Comets in the first meeting 28-27 in a close, and yet again the stage in Marburg was set for yet another slobber knocker. The Comets struck first when Jackson hit Webb for a 29yd score. That was the only points put up in the first Qt. The Mercenaries veteran Rb P.Trumpfhelle took it upon himself to put the first points on the broad for his team has he took one in from 5yds out. But the Comets Qb Shane Jackson put the passing skills to work scoring back to back drives to take the lead 20-7. Mercenaries Qb M.Brown then went to the air himself and found luke McCann on the next two drives to go up 21-20. Then after getting the ball back in his hands Brown hit Luster from 13 out to go up 28-20. The Mercenaries Brown found himself with the ball yet again but the drive was cut short with a strong effort by the Comets D. Comets Mofondo came up big with a big special teams punt block for a Td and with a 2pt conversion it was knotted up at 28. Time was ticking and the home team had to make something shake. After the kick off Brown took the field and on the first play from the Comets 44 Brown hit Luster to take the lead 35-28. It seemed to be over as some seen it but Jackson and the Comets wasnt done. Jacks compleated 3 straight before taking a TO. Now Marburg would be back on their hills and after 2 incomplete passing they got laxed and Jackson hit Hafels from 25 out with no time on the ticker to win the game 36-35.

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