The final is set for Sweden!!


During Saturdays game you could see it would be decided early which two teams would play for the gold medal next Sunday, September 7, at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

As many tipped in advance, it was a fairly easy victory for Carlstad who pulled away from the start and won 64-7.

In Tyreso however, it became much more exciting. Just like last year when the Orebro Black Knights went Stockholm to play the semifinals.
The match initially looked to be a one-sided affair when Örebro savior, newcomer Joe Clancy, already on the first drive of the game found an open receiver who ran it 80-yards for a touchdown and Örebro went to the halftime break with the lead 0-19.

In the second half, however, came Tyreso again and with just minutes remaining reduced it to 13-19, and on the following kickoff was decided to attempt an onside kick. It failed, however, to take the ball back and Orebro could run out of time, apart from all the way to the final whistle before Tyreso got possession of the ball again.
With only seconds left on the clock but for Tyresö QB Billy Greene, time had ran out and the match was over. The end result 13-19 and the 2014 final will be a replay of 2013, Crusaders vs Black Knights!


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