Jeff Welsh and the Monarchs grounds the Falcons!!

The pressure was there. It was, however, for both teams. Dresden, after counterpart Kiel won on Saturday, urgently respond with a win to secure second place and hoping for home advantage in the play-offs.

Dresdens Quarterback Jeff Welsh served early Tyson Garnham with a 75Yard touchdown pass (PAT blocked 0: 6). Cologne took a while to respond. This they did at the beginning of the second quarter, first with a field goal by Philip 25Yard Stentzel. Dresden laid by. Trevar Deed ran across the short distance to the Monarchs second touchdown (PAT blocked again 0:12) – and it looked like a dominant idea of the Saxons. But Cologne berappelte itself. The ensuing kickoff was the strong Falcons running back Steven Strother post haste to connect touchdown (PAT Stentzel 10:12). Although Dresden was able to submit by another touchdown on Deed. But with the extra points, the worm was now definitely in there. This time failed attempt at conversion, and so it was “only” 10:18. Not enough to really settle. An invitation for the hosts, who they accepted gratefully. Quarterback Robert Demers sent Alexander Tounkara-Kone with a 60Yard pass in the end zone. And football Oldie Estrus Crayton showed the Monarchs as a proper conversion goes. Compensation: 18:18. Half time!

Anyway: Dresden came with Kampfes- and will to win from the start. Cologne had to give the ball quickly. A bad pass from Demers read gave the Monarchs offense the ball on the 28 yard line of the Falcons – and Trevar Deed made ​​short work (PAT Hilgenfeld 18:25). Then Cologne left the fortune. Two drives they worked focused forward. twice they were close to the end zone. Two times they decided to field goal. And twice we went wrong. In the first experiment Stentzel hit the yellow crossbar. The second Blockley the Monarchs little later. At the beginning of the last quarter Guillaume Rioux made ​​a remarkable catch the sack to: touchdown after a pass from 14Yard Welsh (PAT Hilgenfeld 18:32). Cologne plowed, but Dresden scorte. First, the Monarchs offense ran textbook ripe long with the clock. And Trevar Deed closed the last Saxon Drive consistently with his fourth touchdown from (PAT Hilgenfeld 18:39). Cologne came eight seconds before closing again in the end zone. Tim Have Droeze caught a 40Yarder of Demers (PAT Stentzel 25:39). On winning score that changed nothing.

The Dresden Monarchs have shown especially in the second half an impressively concentrated power. So they are now back in front of Kiel. With a win next Sunday at Euro Bowl winner Berlin Dresden could secure second place final.

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