Crocodiles take down Bulldogs!!

The game itself was seen at the beginning clearly nervous actions on both sides, a fumble on the first drive of the Crocodiles put the Bielefeld Offense up 7: 0. The following Drive David Graves got an interception, so that again gave Bielefeld possession. But the Bielefeld Offense was not error-free, the aggressive defense of Crocodiles could accommodate a fumble. A short time later, it was then a dynamic run of Mike Davis and the subsequent extra point by as always super safe kicker Max Reuter, who were responsible for the compensation. Shortly thereafter it was Frank Klein man who could intercept a pass and the offense brought in a promising position, but this could not take the chance. As of now the game until halftime weighed back and forth, with the Bulldogs vorlegten again, but the Crocodiles were reloading with two more touchdowns by Mike Davis. Just before half time the Crocodiles Defense could then stop the offense of the Bulldogs once again, this time the offense did not miss the chance and Denis staves scored 5 seconds before the end of the first half, the first guide of Crocodiles.

What no one knew at that time was that this guide was not given until the end, the Crocodiles did not permit any further points more in the second half. David Graves could tag by running the next touchdown even before then Yunes Rahimi, in turn, was able to secure a fumble and return post Max Reuter’s pass from David Graves scored the decision. Last desperate attacks the Bulldogs were stopped, Jimmy Enderes conquered by another interception the ball again, so that the victorious Cologne could run out of time.

Head Coach David Odenthal is accordingly satisfied with the performance: “Today we have retrieved our performance, made ​​unnecessary errors only at the beginning of the game and ultimately deserved to win. We will now prepare ourselves focused on the local derby against the Jets Troisdorf, we want to win more games.

Aug 25 2014

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