Ivo Schonberner of the Dresden Monarchs!!

ISN was honored this past weekend to catch up with one of the Dresden Monarchs RB’s Ivo Schonberner!! And just the start was kind of wild do to the fact Ivo was speaking to us on his way to battle!! Him and his Monarchs was heading to face the Cologne Falcons. Ivo has been apart of the Monarch family for some time now.He started with them with the youth team back in 2007. But the twist to him joining this family came from very familiar waters for some!. Ivo wasnt always seen as a do goodder in ones eye’s, and do to getting in a bit of trouble his PE teacher pretty much forced him to go to practices are be expelled from school. And since 2007 he’s been infected by the football virus. Ivo seemed to have taken to football well, in just his 2nd year playing on the mens team he was nominated to his first National Team *2011.

A lot of the time we all wonder how does a top team stay a top team!
Here Ivo explains life playing in Dresden Monarchs Gold isn’t easy as people think. “We have good competition at practice, and we always play at a high tempo level. And this keeps us on task of remaining a top team in the GFL”. And one think that Ivo said that make him proud to be a Monarch is when the great Dresden fans may notice him out on the city streets and may ask for photos are autographs!

We wanted to know what Ivo thought about the play between North and South ball. Some feel the North is way stronger than the South and some feel that was then and this is now as the South has proven in past years by winning the GFL Championship. But like every smart sports man Ivo had the right words to spill. stating that the competition to him is too hard to call due to the fact that they only now face off doing the play off’s. But looking at the stats they are showing the north is more competitive than the south. As you see you have high scoring games pretty much every week. And in the north no gifts are giving for no team! Every team in the north is able to compete with each other. But we’ll see in the playoff’s !!

Ivo gave a lil bit of info on the relationship between him and one of the GFL top backs Trevor Deed. Playing with a back like T is amazing. We are like a Unit back there, I know I can trust him and he know the same about me. And even tho every player makes a mistake from time to time is good know I have a back like him who can destroy a hole alone!!

We chatted a bit about how great things were last season vs this season. They seemed to have fallen off in some places, but Ivo told us right then the biggest fall off is the rushing numbers. Last year we had an incredible year with 4000 plus yards rushing and this year teams have picked up on that and do a good job scheming against the Monarchs ground attack.

One things that is always talked about but we never see are hear anything being done about is what could be done better for the European youth footballers. Ivo thinks is would be a big plus to have more knowledge on the coaches side. For a youth player is great to have somebody with a lot of experience teaching them. He also thinks it would be good to get supported by the government to maybe reach a more American level eventually. There are good intangibles but it’s going in baby steps. Ivo is confident that the GFL will grow in the future and will be more competitive than what it is now on all levels.

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