1 Guy that isnt a fan of the LFL


We had a chance to sit and talk with one of our insiders about the LFL. In the world today you look around and see sex everywhere. As we all know sex sells and sells well. But as a man of the football world i can honestly say i dont see the LFL as a football leauge. Why because first off they wear under wear as a uniform. I mean really  a bra and panties? Thats more so leading to stripper wear lol meaning they wearing (nothing). And why is that to draw in the #1 football crowd MEN. Don’t get me wrong that’s a great marketing scheme but what are we still teaching the youth? Oh that in order to become something you must still degrade youself like men wanted women to do back in the day. The LFL to me is also more so a sorority, you know like the high class high maintenance sororities that only let the pretty girls with the idea bodies join yea ,and it sad that its so noticeable. That alone sickens me to the point where i no longer want to see a LFL game. A few weeks back im looking on a social site and ran across a few LFL players, all they advertise is their bodies for 1. 2 All of these so call die heart football fans gloating over a half naked body lol they aint fans of football they fans of your Bottom !!! the third thing that kills me about the LFL these chicks really get made up befor a game lol where in the hell do football players put on makeup for a game oh yea the LFL. I support the WFA and IWFA 100%. Those are real everyday women all shapes sizes and looks playing real football in real football attire with real football fans. I think if it wasn’t so much of a sex crazed world the LFL would have been fell apart but do to the fact that selling sex is the only way up and all the ppl in todays world  support such a thing and this is what keeps the LFL alive in my opinion. Im sure a lot of people will agree and disagree but to all that disagree think back on all of the years of the sex war laws women had to go through to be considered equal. And this is how women today want to be looked at now?? Think about that!!!!! 


Source: ISN Reporter (Mike.C)

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