Hi Jamaal, Define the game of Football in 3 words
J- Barbaric, Thrilling, Peaceful

How did you end up playing in Europe?
J- I ended up playing in Europe after first doing a little research online and finding out about leagues overseas. That really sparked an interest back in me about playing the game I love because at one point I had giving it up. I first made film, got contacts and began working emailing coaches and presidents night and day until I started getting replies. Finally a reply came and that was the one. An American coach had seen some film that he liked and after talking for about a week I guess he like what he felt in himself about me and ask me if I was interested in playing ball in Europe. And from the time I said yes and stepped foot in Europe I’ve loved myself for making that decision.

What was your biggest challenge coming to the Old continent and adapting to the European football?
J-I guess I would have to say the biggest challenge I had to adapt to was the in game knowledge from teammates. I was blind to the fact that football was new to a lot of the guys are some may have not being playing as long as we play in America. And instead of just being out there doing your job you now had to take on a roll as being kind of an on field coach.

What is your opinion regarding the quality of the game played in the GFL?
J- In my opinion the GFL has the Best Quality. They have a wide range of different imports from all over,which makes that better because now you also get to see what other counties got to offer. And with the American rule they have if teams can afford it they can bring over a hand full of imports which more and more teams are seeming to be able to do.

In Europe, the vast majority of Club players are purely amateurs and the game of football is considered as an amateur sport. At the same time today most D1 and D2 teams of the dominant football countries have American imports on the key positions. What are your thoughts regarding this mix between pro’s and am’s?
J-The mix to me is fine it’s kinda like rookies and vet’s, meaning most of the time your going to get imports that has knowledge within and has played the game for many years and then with most of the domestic players they have only being playing for a few years are still lack bits of football knowledge and skills. And some of the domestic guys have spent time in the states playing ,others have played with the NFLE guys and coaches and know a ton about the game so they also to me are seen as vet’s (Pros) in my eyes.

During your career you have played at many positions: SS, CB, WR, HB and even QB –which one is the most challenging according your experience?
J-HB is a very Challenging position due to the fact of all the things you have to stay on top of. You have to remember your getting pounded 85% of the game at least, so staying fit is big, having your mindset right and being focus 24/7. But the most Challenging I would say is the QB position. This is the all eyes on me spot,the leader. So everything a QB do in most eyes has to be perfect. Footwork, Throwing technique, Reading Defenses. And to add to that you have the win lose factor over your head every game no matter what. Meaning a QB can do all he can with his god given power to win a game for his team but if he has no help then it’s no use, but if that game is lost no matter how good he played deep down you got a crow of people saying it was his fault. LOL being a QB is very challenging!!

Have you any regrets not playing football in the US?
J- I really can’t say that I have regrets not playing ball in the US. It sometimes gets to me not being able to have family and friends from home at the games but as far as playing wise I think I made the right choice in coming to Europe to play football. In some cases playing in Europe is better than playing in some of our Indoor leagues hands down. And I’ve had the chance to meet some great people from all over the world just by expanding out!

Life after football?
J- I kinda don’t see football ever leaving my life but life after playing football I hope to someday become a coach and began a coaching career. I’m already in the works of becoming a personal coach for football players. So for the time being this will be a big part of keeping football IN my life but also living a life after football.

sorce: Amerfoot

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  1. LaMar Smith

    Well Jamall I for one am proud of you and your Accomplishments that you are Overseas playing Football American Style. I was in Germany in the Late 70s and early 80s in high school in Nuremberg. Only had I known about the German Football League in those days i would have loved to have been a part of the League. I too played multiple positions a a High School player. But had to play Defense when I got to College. My hat is off to all of you German Football players and best of luck to all.

    May 10, 2015 at 2:04 am

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