The NFL need to get real !!

So every year the NFL season starts we have to listen to all this hype about playing in London and making football big in Europe. Will for those that dont know are just want to be blind to the fact that american football is here, has been here, and will stay here. When i was just a child really getting into football outside the 49ers being my team guess what the Frankfurt Galaxy was also a fav of mine. And yes they are a european team from germany. They played in the NFLE leauge which then was supported mainly by the NFL. But the funny thing to me is the NFL was the ones to cut the NFLE league for some odd reason. But getting back on track my main things is after NFLE football was still being played all around Europe and in other parts of the world so many people outside the U.S are knowledgeable about football. And thats mainly been because of import players not NFL players. Imports in this game gets no love all you read is how the NFL is doing this are doing that to try and grow football abroad. Well how bout the NFL try working with some of the Euro leagues and import players to better build american football abroad. In the past years yea the NFL has hosted games abroad and maybe a few players have held camps abroad but why not move a step further. It would be great for some of these guys to come over and hold camps with european teams and get and give feed back from import players playing abroad. In my opinion this would be the best way for football to really take off again abroad. But like most big headed american companies and people the NFL and its players wants to feel as if they are the ones doing all the work to growfootball and they want to be the ones that get the credit for it. Speaking on behalf of imports we are the ones leaving our mother country chasing our dream of playing football. We are the ones putting in work over here playing full seasons and what have you. But i have never seen anything about football abroad and their imports. This would be a big step for the NFL to take, give the little people some credit for what your trying to take credit for.

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