GFL Playoff’s taking shape

First versus second – into two groups of German Football League (GFL) occurs on the first weekend of August to the absolute top clashes at the top. In the north the third rematch of last year’s New York German Bowls this season between the Dresden Monarchs and the New York Lions from Braunschweig is the focus. In the south, such as Brunswick this season unbeaten league leaders Stuttgart Scorpions received the Südmeister in recent years Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns.

It’s been six years that the Stuttgart Scorpions could go as the best-placed club Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg before the finish at the end in the GFL, since it was in Stuttgart between the two neighbors only once a draw and a single win in Stuttgart 2012 , who was then but a long winning streak of the Unicorns finished, who were unbeaten stormed to the championship in 2011. This year, the signs are reversed: the Scorpions go after nine wins in a row unbeaten in its tenth season game and can still hope for a “Perfect Season”.

Above all, it is the Stuttgart about being able to perform the changing of the guard in the southern group, which had itself originally set only in the medium term goal, as early as 2014. Will be required probably mainly both defense series, both teams have point-hungry Offenses, each for months ended no longer a game with less than 30 meters. Although Stuttgart is currently four points clear in the table ahead: Both teams in the race for first place their destiny still in their own hands, with wins in Stuttgart and in five weeks the return match at home to the Unicorns Scorpions left on their own power to overtake.

This is no longer true for the Dresden Monarchs. After the defeats in the Big6-round match and in the GFL-final first leg necessarily a home win now must be found at the third meeting of the year with the New York Lions to stay at least within reach of first place and have to hope for protecting the help of other teams. After all: the 42:30 of the New York Lions from the first leg against Dresden is so far the most just win the GFL season 2014 beckons as the Monarchs a chance to turn the direct comparison with a victory over twelve points yet. However, last week downgraded the Braunschweiger the Berlin Adler in the 56:7 plaything, and near Dresden exceptional running back Trevar Deed has been injured and missed last. The Brunswick had a victory at Dresden, Kiel and Berlin Adler at least six minus point lead and would rank one in the north.


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