Vikings dominate in Silver Bowl win!!!


In front of 1,150 spectators at the NV arena the easy favorite Vikings was no match as the won clear with 49:20 against the Carinthian Lions. It’s the sixth overall Silver Bowl victory for the Vikings, who also won in the years 2004 to 2008, five titles in a row . Add to that in the second division in 1984 the Silver Bowl of the second division. Also is a “Perfect Season” at ten games of the season and ten wins for the Vikings2.

Already at halftime led the Vikings lead with 28:14 and built the lead after the half. The Lions had primarily no offense and had to endure the superiority of the Vikings team that consists in large part of junior players.

The most outstanding player for the Vikings was Running Back Alexander Hertel (178 rushing yards, two touchdowns), quarterback Alexander Thury . The junior, who this year even was allowed to sniff Bundesliga air, fit for 358 yards and three touchdowns addition there were 37 running yards and a fourth touchdown of the game maker.

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