1st Championship in 21 years of existence!!!

With eight seconds left on the clock, the Kristiansand Gladiators spoiled the chances of the Eidsvoll 1814s back-to-back title hopes in the Norwegian championship game, beating them 24-21 on a last-second fourth-down touchdown toss into the corner of the end zone to Marcial Williamson.
The Gladiators took the lead first scoring an early touchdown to make it 6-0. Eidsvoll wasted no time after that, scoring a touchdown on the very next drive and making the PAT. Another touchdown in the first half though gave the Gladiators a 12-7 lead at the break.

Then the 1814s picked up the pace as import running back Kristin James took a hand-off from the six yard line, scampering in to the end zone on the first drive of the second half. A few minutes later, he scored again, this time from the eight, giving Eidsvoll a 21-12 lead with only with eight minutes left in the game. Kristiansand reduced the lead to 21-18 and also recovered the short kickoff giving them the ball with very little time remaining. With a mere eight seconds to go, quarterback Dimitar Sevdin , on fourth and 10, tossed a 20 yard Hail Mary into the corner of the end zone and Marcial Williamson somehow managed to hang on to the ball and take the game !!!!

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