YOU Gotta B Kidding Me !!!!!

I must be lucky????? Hell no not at all that’s what insurance is for to take care of a injured player right? at least that’s what I thought so how could I be lucky. I came to Germany walking,running and jumping right? So why would u send me home hurt with a big space boot on??? why ill tell you unloyal. I have heard over the past weeks no teams in germany take care of their hurt players lol really you gotta be kidding me ive been over here for 6 seasons not 1 so I have ran across my fair share of teams that have taking great care of their falling solders. In one case a team kept a guy for half the winter meaning OFF SEASON so he could rehab and leave like he came under his own ability. So coaches, players ,presidents answer me this if your reading. Do you think its right to bring over players to use them to better your program some times bring them into your family but when things go south and they maybe can’t perform you dis own them? do you not take care of them? why would you get insurance if you dont want to let them use it ????? I think that’s totally WRONG !!!!!! And all imports need to really talk about this in the future with teams they are dealing with. Because going some where and them not wanting to live up to their end can really screw a lot up. And the biggest screw up will be your health which is most important in life. For guys that’s never been to Europe to play ball it’s not as bad as you might be thinking from some of the things i write. I love it over here its just you have to find the right people that will stay true no matter what and that’s a hard thing to do. …… 2013 i was pretty much the best damn player on D. I proved to them and a lot of others that i still got gas in the tank and that i was legit. i even was asked to come back for this 2014 season mid season 2013 and i showed my loyalty and told them yes i will return. I gave my comment and stayed true to the RAMS. But as we all see now everyone is making it as they are doing me a huge favor by letting me use the insurance that i have to get better!!! *no that’s whats its for* but i plan to use it why i got it and go back home the way i came to them in good health. Stay tuned cause im sure its much more to come and from now own out I will be voicing my thoughts more !!!!!! STAY TUNED

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