2 Top Football Exercises

Resisted High Knees:
Why do it: Resisted speed drills help to improve sprint technique and stride length. To drive through the resistance, you must open up your hips to rapidly strike the ground with each stride.

How to do it: Rapidly drive your knees up in an opposite-arm, opposite leg, pattern while a partner applies band resistance from behind.

Sets/Distance: 4×15-20 yards

Why do it: Bounding helps to reinforce muscle synchronization; in other words, it ensures that your speed muscles are firing explosively and in the correct sequence. Simply put, bounding is an easy-to-perform exercise that produces sophisticated results.

How to do it:

In continuous fashion, bound from one leg to the other
Cover as much ground as possible with each rep, working on driving your feet into the ground underneath your body

Sets/Reps: 2×5 each leg


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