2 of the WFA’s best teams to faceoff!

Two of the best teams in the WFA will face off for a playoff battle. The Titans of Kansas City and the Surge of San Diego, both teams are ranked in the top 5 on both sides of the ball. The Surge has a very high powered O racking up around 63 points a game and the D just about holding teams to just a field goal. The Surge is lead by QB Melissa Gallegos who’s just under 827 passing yards and about 19, and the D of the Surge will be held down from the back end by Melissa Strother who’s pretty good in coverage. As for KC they are heading in focused and ready to add to the list of teams that will REMEMBER THE TITANS!!!. The Titans star QB Katie Sowers will be missing her better half for the second week of action as sister Liz Sowers was not cleared. Sowers is hands down the best QB in the WFA, throwing for over a 1000 yards and some ground yards to go along. And missing Liz who has hauled in 300+ of those yards receiving will be the biggest blow. KC also has the best Running back in the WFA, Taylor Hay. Hay comes to the Titans from the St.Louis Slam. Taylor was an electrifying player there and she brought that with her to KC. averaging about 13 yards a pop Taylor broke the 1000 yard mark with under 80 attempts. Shes a small compact runner that’s hard to bring down, not only because of her size but her toughness. The surge D will also have to keep an eye on 2 way star Kaylee Neutzling who is ranked as a top 20 Wide out in the WFA! and not to mention one of the best safeties in the WFA. Kaylee who leads the team and league in INTS also have a crew of go gettas. The Titans D is lead by leading tackler Ree Graves and Cierra Childress,Ree and Cierra are two of the most aggressive female athletes ive seen. If the ball is around you can bet 9 out of 10 times they are in the area. Sack masters Alana Fields and Lanie Ford will most def give the Surge QB a hard day at the office.


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