Raiders are ready to work !!

Even in the tenth game in a row the Graz Giants success was denied by the Swarco Raiders. In Innsbruck’s, the Giants with a 14:36 lost buried their last playoff hopes.

The Graz miss so the semi-finals of the Austrian Football League (12-13. July), at the same time are the Prague Black Panthers as the fourth playoff participants noted. It is the first time since the league entering the Czechs in 2010 that their AFL season does not end after the regular season.

The Raiders took over from the beginning to the command in the game and went in the first quarter after touchdowns by U.S. quarterback John van den Raadt and wide receiver Clemens Erlsbacher with 14:0 in leadership that they should no longer give in the course of the game.

Return to the late attempt of Graz into the game defeated the German national team player Enrico Martini with an interception at the Graz playmaker Christoph Gubisch. Receiver Damaso Tarneller then made with a touchdown to 30:14 the bag then finally to. After another interception by Gubisch it made Raiders playmaker van den Raadt with the fifth touchdown for the Tyrolean still clearly – Final 36.14


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