KC Titans head into a first round rumble with the Houston Power!


1st Playoff Game of 2014 for the KC Titans will be Saturday June 21st, 7pm @ Shawnee Mission South vs the Houston Power. The power come into the game with a under .500 record siting at 5-3. Gina Holcomb will be the player to watch for the Titans D. Shes a very versatile player. Gina is also the only Houston offensive player that made the All American team as a TE. But with a very very strong defence lead by All American (FS)Kaylee Neutzling who has good coverage skills and plays very physical when it comes to stopping the run game. Also holding it down with Kaylee is Cierra Childress, Lanie Ford, Ree Graves,Cadena Brim and Alana Fields. But as we know the show isnt a show with out QB Katie Sowers and her number 1 back Taylor Hay. Taylor is considered to be one of if not the best back in the WFA hands down. #62 India Weston and#79 Moran Durham are seen to be the strongest up front but with the rest of the line they will have the job of keeping Katie and Tay unharmed !!! They Titans last played 2 weeks ago and killed Nebraska for the Division!!! Brooklyn stand up !!!! Hopefully this bye week helped and everyone is 100% full go come game time !!!!


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