J.Jonas N the Players Corner!!!


Last time we chatted i really didnt know what my playing future would hold and i still dont at this time but one thing i do know is that ill be working super harder than the first time to get back to the feild. Its been about 2 weeks maybe 3 since the injury. And i have been going threw so much mentally and emotionally. And for those that know me know i keep a lot bottled up inside.. but hey today is the day i start to open up to the world. Since being in NBG in 2013 and having a good season i thought 2014 would be heaven. All doing the off season i spoke with staff talked to players and we had our goal set. There was also a point in time where everyone and i mean everyone here was trying to help me find a way to make the move to Germany and live life to me i took this as a huge honor …. i found people that wanted to help me and not only because i play football. Well a lot has come to light doing the 2014 season and me being out for the season. Maybe its because i show my feelings on the feild. i dont run and cry to coaches if on feild players mess up are what ever it maybe. One incident from last season that i know had ppl thinking was when i took a late hit from the back and yes it was a cheap shot …. so of coruse im going to say something to someone about that … so im telling the Ref and why im telling him i got my OWN team mates yelling at me not even caring what happen are trying to get the Ref’s to keep an eye on it  so yea that pissed me off even more because the guys that im putting my body on the line for playing banged up when most dont even practice cause of a cold are something so small. So i felt i had everyone against me yelling went on until we all calimed down and that was it …. then comes this season …… So ok i myself know im not your typcal sized football player lol so all ive heard since i landed was again the size jokes and yet again im coming back with my jokes this lil guy lead the D last year as a undersized safety best one in the GFL2 south. So oneday we at practice and bam everyone on O wants to be funny guys and yea me jamaal im not going!!! i trunt up asap ..y for one we on the same team 2 its game week 3 if i really wanna play game speed in practice ill eat they azz up, but this lil trun up action i know for sure had the staff on eged and that was fine with me because i thought people understood football this is a gladitor sport and NO softies out there that how i came up in this game …. win lose fight as a team …. be one as a team …. be strong be hard and neva be soft. So anyways a point came doing a game where one of my DB’s said something that was way out of the way and was upset cause i was yelling lol really you a man im a man and this is football but yea then i make it to the side line and thats when i really first had my thoughts of these ppl dont like me really… friend my conterpart my coach told me me i was a cancer and if i wanted i could start looking for a new job …. REALLY !!!!!! because your yelling and talking bad about me in my face but think im not suppose to say something lol noooooooo i dont rock like that …..but we cleared that up from what i thought. .so the night i make it in from the hospital i have a talk and from that talk i got none of these feelings i was told everything would be done to keep me around ..but lol that was b4 they found out i had to go under the knife… once this happened all ive been hearing is how much of a  problem i was and this is from staff members i talked to everyday doing the off season, if you thought of me like this why bring me back??  then on top of know being bad mouthed the team had already had a replacement ready lol ….. so hear it goes they kicked me out my spot so the new guy could move in. wanted to and still want to send me home with out even getting back to at least running again mind u i came over here running and banging my body for this team but now its send him home messed up and all .. wow that says a lot !!!! crazy thing tho that really made me see they dont give to it’s about me now that i cant be that baller for them …. and to try and take my life line away the only way anyone know to contact me and give to him yea ok yall must be ready for WW3 cause i am at all times. The most hurtful thing tho is ive only gotten a handful of guys trying to see how im doing …. havent heard from are spoken to no coach after ive had OP noone seems to care and thats kool with me i just wanna rehab get home and get to working out so next season i can have a big A 🙂 on my face … All in all i just wish they would have kept things real from the start prolly wouldnt even be going threw this but it is wut its and god had this plan so im going to follow it !!!! lol i know i was all ova the place with this but im a tad bit in my feelings as im thinking and writting ….but i hope for the most part the football world see and understand where im coming from. And for all my German teams and coaches that KNOW me !!!!!!!!!!!! ill be ready for 2015 and i would love to be back in D Land !!!!! Hit me up if you wanna know anything !!!

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