Aiyegbusi the Giant!!!


6’9″, 330-pound left tackle Babatunde Aiyegbusi toss defensive ends and linebackers! Born to a Polish mother and Nigerian father, Aiyegbusi is leaving his mark on the Polskiej Ligi Futbolu Amerykańskiego (PLFA), or Polish American Football League, as well as a trail of bruised bodies!


This past July, Aiyegbusi helped his club, the Wroclaw Giants, claim the Polish Championship in the National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland. The Giants prevailed 29-13 over the Warsaw Eagles in the Trawnik Producent SuperFinal VIII. There were over 16,500 fans in attendance!


This video came to my attention through Adrian Fulneczek (@fulu77), a Polish journalist and contributor to the Polish American Football website and magazine Extra Point. (@ExtrapointPL)

Click here to learn more about the Polish American Football League: PLFA


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