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It was game week number 1 vs number 2!! who would be crowned the leader of the pack no questions asked…. That was the vibe leading up to what was the most important game of the season. The wildcats was seen to be the most powerful team in the division. We wanted to go out play our game but at the same time make a small statement that yes the Rams are 4 Real this season!! The week of practice went pretty well guys seemed to be focused and into the game we went…… A quick look inside my head I hadn’t really shown much this season thus far and I still had a chip on my shoulder towards myself to play better i was playing below my capabilities, and I felt that and seen that on film. I had it in my mind for this to be my break out game going into break!!! little did I know different plans had been made for me already. The game started off not in our favor which we wasnt worried this was nothing we hadn’t faced before. The game was back and forth drives with a 7-0 score the last I remember. It was about 2 mins if that into the 2nd Qt when the play started, I had a pretty good read on the ball and it was headed towards our side line. As I took my first step to break towards the action everything felt great until I took that second step to explode and As I took that step all I heard over everything was a powww and I feltd me still in game mode right so I look at my cleats thinking I just blew a tire but no my shoes was fine and that’s when it hit me … that pop I heard was what I feared most since 2009. I tore my other one !!!! know as everyone rushes to help and see about the kid all i got going on in my head is bad thoughts about not playing again, the team not taking care of things, me losing my brothers cause now im useless, me being mad at myself for getting hurt i had soooooo much going on inside. As I finally made it to the locker room got my tape cut off and seen the damage I knew and all I could do was cry!!!! So know im pissed sitting in the ER and in comes 2 more of my teammates. Our starting SS and CB !!! so know myself really have that sick feeling because we have lost so many guys so early in what was seen to be the season for the RAMS!!! So as we sit we get news that our starting WR is headed in to join our little party at the krankhaus … smdh oh mein gott!!!! this can’t be real !! but yea as the day and days went by it has been setting in big time that this is real we as a team have to come together and drive each other. After losing players and a hard fought game like that 14-13 you know you still have what it takes to make it work. Over the past few days this has all been hitting me so hard and it’s not the fact that it happened it’s that it happened again… in 2009 my Rookie season in Germany with Marburg i blew out my right Achilles in april right before the season and I was told a lot of things … go home , u cant play again, u might not play again, its going to take u a year just to feel able to have contact sport again, i heard it all. But one thing i didn’t hear but had to tell myself was i wont go home, i will play again and im going to do it faster than any of them has seen. and anybody that really knows me know if I really put my mind to do something it will get done !!!! and that i did. By mid july I was running and lightly doing drills to show i could and will play again!! But know i have just about those same feelings again and even tho i havent so much heard that’s its over for football for me ive been asking myself that!! Y i know age plays a part even tho numbers don’t lie !!! then comes the question who takes the chance on bring him in for the 2015 season?? all kinds of things like that.. and to be real all of that scares me because that’s not the way i wanted to end it… i still felt i had a few years left but now?? hummm idk once my heart heals from this then i start my road to recov then hopefully i get back into grindmode mindset and football still wont have a grave site in my grave yard just yet!!

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