Therriault? Lions? Yep he’s back!!!

A few days after the home game in the Big6 competition against the Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna , the New Yorker Lions have set the course .

After the retirement of Dr. Gerald Meier from the post of managing director of marketing company of Lions , takes over until further provisionally this office again its predecessor and New York managing director Thomas Krecklenberg . With the provisional adoption of the CEO post by Thomas Krecklenberg , were also almost the same time as the contracts of the successful coach duo head coach Troy Tomlin and defensive coordinator Dave Likins two more seasons (2015 , 2016) extended.

In addition, the Braunschweiger Footballer have given the return of her last year’s exceptional playmaker Casey Therriault known. As substitutes for the injured Jose Mohler Therriault came the end of June 2013 the team of the lion city dwellers. In 13 games for the New York Lions , he scored 3,192 yards and 33 touchdowns space gain of passports. In addition, he latched on almost 800 yards and another 14 touchdowns himself He was instrumental in the rebirth of the New York Lions and winning the German Bowl XXXV in 2013. Just in time for the game against the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes of 24 – year-old quarterback will return to Brunswick. However, since the previous U.S. playmaker James Peterson will remain in Braunschweig, can head coach Troy Tomlin fall back for the remainder of the 2014 season on three experienced playmaker with Therriault , Peterson and Mike Friese .


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