On the Corner with Rams Safety #5

Its been 2 weeks since we last chatted…. Since then we have taken care of 2 chapters in this story… The Ravensburg Razorbacks paid us a visit at home this time on a beautiful Sunday… This game was more of a who’s the best team now type of match. We the Rams had gone there and taken care of business, and now it was time to do so at home… This would be our first home game of the season, this game ment a lot. The game started off pretty slow for us, we had a few mistakes early that the Razorbacks took advantage of. I’m not sure but they went up like 21/0 on us had us with our backs against the wall. Strong running yet again by Dre #7 and soft hands by Rio #9 had the Razorbacks smelling a win. But the Air and Ground game of the Rams began to open up led by QB A.J Springer who is in his first season of GFL ball. Springer and WR Simon Hild done business 5 times for 113 yards and a score. Curry and the ground force dug out some hard yards to open things up. And led by LB T. Martinez the Rams D woke up and made the plays needed to hold Strobel and the Razorbacks O. Game for me felt pretty off it’s like I didn’t wake up until the 2nd half. And again now for the 2nd season I failed one of my goals…. i have yet to pick off a Razorback QB… But it does feel good to have a 4/0 record vs them. The following week of practice was pretty good. We got a chance to run around and work on some things despite the rain. It was Darmstadt week, i had played this team a few times before so i knew that they would come to fight. And that they would be led by Sony Weishaupt who would come to play. Again things seem like they might get off to a slow start again but that changed fast as the Rams began to go to work. Springer again amazed on lookers as he lead the Rams 34/13 win. The Rams D had a few stumbles in the game but work them out. As for me yet again a bad game. From about the 3rd play i was unfocused the side Ref same game from last year that game me problems starts again, out of the blue and me being in game mode it turned everything up. Then a few drives later im standing right in front of this one female Ref and this guy comes and drills me in the back and im looking at her like lady really you didn’t just see what happen right in your face… so that pissed me off even more but with all my complaining i was in the wrong ok… so later a few other things took place that totally took me by surprise and my game was pretty much shot from there. For those who read this to this point and don’t really understand my passion for this game… I love this game to the deepest of love i’ve giving up a lot of things to still be able to enjoy playing this game. But the way i learned to played this game was to look at the game as a fight. My bois vs your bois, no matter what goes down just like in the streets you ride for your guys and so on and so on. So some times when i things happen and i know that it was illegal and the Ref needed to keep an eye open for it im going to make sure they start looking its hard from me to be in kill mode then turn off to chill guy when i just got speared that’s something hard to do. But for all football players remember in many meanings, heart is a big part of this game also!!!


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