Darmstadt falls to Frankfurt (Pirates) in Opener


The Darmstadt diamonds lost their season opening match this past weekend to Frankfurt pirates at the at the Commerzbank-Arena in a unexpected lost 7:42. While it looked at first, that both teams neutralize each other in the 1st quarter Frankfurt found its start button and turned things around.

This changed at the beginning of the second half, the diamonds went on a short run with a 7-0 lead. The diamonds were still cool. Kevin Galisnki took a fumble near the opposing end zone, Lukas Faudt three plays later could carry for a touchdown over the line. Nevertheless, the pirates still the 14:7 breaks guide that could build the Frankfurt in the first drive of the 3rd quarter on 20:7. A played out two-point conversion failed.

The diamonds had the chance to reduce the result itself and had already been in the next drive on the 5 yard line of Frankfurt. Unfortunately Lukas Faudt lost the ball just before the end zone and the diamonds thus the possession of the ball.

The diamonds never recovered from this shock, and the Frankfurt took the booklet in hand more and more. Pirates quarterback Bryant brought the diamonds defense with his runs and long passes completely out of step, and the offense line of Darmstadt was an aggressive pass rush of the Frankfurt at almost any turn exposed. So it was that quarterback Sonny Weishaupt a to the other times before the flashing frankfurters Dodge and had to take several sacks, and twice lost the ball with one interception.

The Frankfurt showed a strong performance in the offense and increased the lead in the 3rd quarter to 35-7. Finally broke the morale of the brave fighting Darmstadt. This resulted in the 4th quarter only a further touchdown of Frankfurt. Darmstadt still sought correction of the result, but an another sack on Walker at running out clock, sealed this bitter defeat from the perspective of the diamonds.

“Welcome to GFL2”, end of the game commented  Offensive Coordinator Alex Marquardt . He was asked about the loss of ball in the second half and the power of Frankfurt: “we wanted to score too quickly, but we really didn’t  find our game. Both the offense and the defense. The guys have felt today, that the difference between the third and the second division is nevertheless enormous.”

 This week the diamonds travel to Nuremberg to the Rams, who in turn defeated the Ravensburg Razorbacks with 42:36.


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  1. Paul Bailey

    Hi, I am a member of FAHS ’66, Thanks coach Williams for keeping our football history alive. I for back home to FAHS last July, an will be there for the all class reunion Sept. ’15. I am so proud to have lived in Frankfurt, for 2 years. I have so many great memories, I love the city so much. Paul Bailey bailey746@gmail.com

    May 30, 2014 at 11:37 am

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