J.Jonas -N- Da Players Corner!!


Sooooo the last time we talked i had just gotten done with my first practice i think. Well we are now weeks past that. After a few practices later we learned that the Cottbus Crayfish of the North would postpone their preseason game!!! That had a lot of us down especially us ones that hadn’t competed in training camp. This now ment going into the season kinda flat. Anyways with this being the new stress factor i was again battling my old one lol !! And oppsie i exploded doin game week it was perfect timing i was at my boiling point and we as a team needed to be woke up!!! So yea practice got a tad bit turned up!!! Now my team as well as myself are fired up! And to add more gas to the fire a interview surfaced with the coach of our opponent talkin ish about how we was going to have no chance against them. How they would start the season 2-0, well game time came it was pass check when the words started to fly and we all knew ish was now real!!! We knew that the Razorbacks would have one of the top backs pounding the ball. He’s a Steven Jackson build back big strong and has good speed. We had a hard time dealing but the hand was dealt and we came away victorious!!! 22-19 .. yea it might have been close but a W is a W. And no lie i came into the game on E! Until i was woke up lol i played a pretty decent game but hats off to my team and especially the D. We as defensive players rarely get credit but if we hadn’t stepped up on their last drive the out come could have been totally different!!! Our new Qb A.J Springer played an impressive game!! Opening the eyes of all who may doubt the new kid on the block! Also hats off to the ground force and Beast mode Curry for shredding the turf!!! We gearing up to battle at home this weekend!!! Stay tuned!!!


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