The Journey 2014!


The anticipation of the 2014 season has really set in, as the days of the offseason fly by one can only dream of the up coming season! Friday my guys set out to head south for a weekend mini camp with the munchen rangers. As coach set me pics it really started to sink in that it was time. I set out on my journey first stop Chi town….plane left late which now had ya boi sittin on cotton!! We land now we got to sit on the damn tarmac for I’d say a good 15mins!! Now for those who know me know now im pissed im late to this flight to Frankfurt now and on top of that the damn flight attendant said let all connecting flight passengers off fast this !!!! Guy stop right in front of me i be polite say excuse me he replies oh im rushing to …lmao OMG he made me feel sum type of way at that point!!! But i kept calm pissed as hell tho but finally made it to the gate to find out i missed it. So now im pissed nervous all type ways !! Lol but this cool lil chick fixed me up got me on the next flight.. But thing was instead of me being in NBG at 10am ill get there bout 7pm lol smh. So bet she said ehurr thang was good ! In todays world yea right after a pretty nice flight with my own row 🙂 i make it to Dusseldorf and find out ion got no ticket to NBG so im now back super pissed after being happy to be in D land. So this lady really told me she couldn’t help me ..mind u now this the main desk! She say wait at the gate ….ok…..wait 2 hours plus 1 hour outside cause a fire alarm!!! The find out after gettin back in the ppl at the gate couldn’t help me. Im feeling helpless so i go back to the main desk ok new lady let me try her!!! Hallo … Dis dat & 3rd … Boom she gettin things poppin she found all my info the f up and ehurr thang !! S/O A.Kotzan Lufthansa Dusseldorf!! It took her some time but she got me squared away and on my way. I made it to NBG and headed right to practice to meet up with the guys! It was a great feeling to be back. So next practice was time to gear up it started out great till the end of indys then the cramp monster started lerkin !!! Lol yea it was man down!! But things have progress since then with not only me but the team as well. Stay tuned in tho ill be gettin at cha’s !!! 😉

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