Vikings Running Back E. Moody’s Insight On Raiders Game


          (#1 Vikings E.Moody)
We got a chance to catch up with Austria’s Raifferisen Vikings RB Emmanuel Moody, to ask him about the game vs the Raiders. The raiders were a solid team compared to the teams I’ve faced in europe. We have a lot of playmakers on our team, guys like Stean Prostel WR who hauled in 7 catches for 117 & 2 TD’s are Lavrinho Walch WR who also had 7 for 109 & 1 TD and a solid D lead by Peter Baumgartner DL so it’s tough to stop us even with the one import rule. We had to ask Moody how he felt doing the game, especially the first half where he scored 3 times. Moody stated: I was having fun out there. I was playing relaxed and got into a rhythm and it was on from there. Moody finished the game with 123 yards rushing 2 td’s and 76 receiving with 1 td. Vikings QB Chris Gross scorched the Raiders for 399 passing yards, he was 25 of 35 with 4 passing td’s.


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