Marvin Desir of the Zemun Pirates (Serbia)


Marvin Desir from the Zemun Pirates of Serbia stopped by the corner. Marvin was quoted saying: My speed differentiate me from my competitors and my Will/love of the game. My biggest strength is that I love to compete i don’t care who or what you have done because after we compete we both will have learned something that we wouldn’t have known if the challenge was’n excepted. My weakness I’ll keep keet it real I can be very lazy at times when I get to comfortable, and i hate that but I’m working hard on it. My season goals are to have fun and the only way I know how to have fun is to win. AJ Brown is like my brother, he’s also playing this year in Serbia. He let me know since we couldn’t be on the same team the pirates would love to have me. And I jumped at the opportunity. Game day will be a blessing for me and epic for for the fans. I was told 3 yrs ago that I may never play sports again, since that day every football moment I have I will never forget. Football is just a game and ability can be achieved by any player willing to work so I would say character is way more important to me in a teammate!!


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