Raiders signs a familiar face!!


DJ Wolf Broncos Rb 32 vs Raiders

In the newly formed Big6 European Football League, the SWARCO RAIDERS have brought reinforcements and seem to be a even powerful team than before. Running Back / Defensive Back D. J. Wolfe comes to Innsbruck.
DeVonne Jesron Wolfe, came about a month before the opening game of the Big6-SWARCO RAIDERS Tyrol game at the Calanda Broncos (12 April). And for Wolfe, this will be a explosive game. Do to the fact he played the past three years with the Swiss team and won the 2012 Euro Bowl with them. He also racked up numerous MVP awards along the way.
Wolfe was quoted saying!
“I signed with the SWARCO RAIDERS, because I’ve seen how they deal with their players how they do business and how loyal and great their fans are,” . “I also think it’s great how passionate the players are. I want to act as a key player for the team and help where I can. Hopefully we can expand our trophy collection at the end of the season. ”

SWARCO RAIDERS Head Coach Shuan Fatah said the team is excited about the signing: “DJ for some years have been said to be  one of the best players in Europe. He was the pivotal point in the game vs the Broncos. We have studied him very well in our past games, so we know his strengths. He is very versatile, and a true leader and just a great guy. We are pleased to be working with him. ”

Wolfe played from 2004 to 2007 at the renowned University of Oklahoma. He played a total of 53 games playing running back, cornerback and safety. With the Sooners Wolfe won 42 games and was a three time champion of the Big12 Conference. In 2004 Oklahoma also played in the BCS National Championship Game.

In four seasons, he had 25 passes for 107 yards and caught three passes for 29 yards. He scored 170 tackles (107 solo), nine tackles for loss and 1.5 sack. He caught seven interceptions and returnierte a touchdown.

After his college career, Wolfe stood for a short time with the Atlanta Falcons in the (NFL).

2011 Wolfe finally came to Europe. He signed with the Broncos.



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