The Arianna Express


There are women all around the world playing the great sport of American Football. This is Arianna Ciullo from Naples, Italy. Anna found out about this sport from a very good friend that plays for the Napoli Express.

The Express is the nearest team for her to participate with. Thing is its a mens team and for the past 2 years Anna has been apart of this team. Initially Anna was a Wide Receiver but after a few practices she decided to become a Quarterback! The most criticized position, now being held by a female on a mens team. Like said before Anna is the only girl on her team and isn’t allowed to play season games, but can play in friendly matches! Arianna’s dream is to have a female team in are around Naples that she can be apart of and also be a capitan :). Many women in todays world are putting on the pads and playing this barbaric sport lets wish Anna the best this year. We really hope she finds a female team to showcase her talents.



Follow her on IG @ary_qb18


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