Media Frenzy 4 What!! ( Publicity )


Jen Welter stepped onto the field in the third quarter of a Texas Revolution exhibition game. Jen  believes to be the first woman to appear in a men’s pro game in a non-kicking position. But as this story takes the football world by storm our insiders seemed to have weathered the storm. Seeing this hole thing as a publicity stunt not only for Jen but for the team! In todays day and age it’s all about the spotlight, look at the Kentucky River Monsters and 300+ pound Jared at QB, and for the Revolution and the big state of Texas this would be historical news. A female playing running back in a mens league. We have watched and studied some of the top female players and the 36-year-old Welter falls short of a few other great women players from teams in Chicago ,St Louis and Kansas City to name a few that would probably be a better fit. One of the best notable women running backs in the nation from some female insiders is a player Named Taylor Hay. A all star back formerly for the STL Slam. Why havent a team given any chances to her are any other female players?. This goes back to my hypothesis of this being a media stunt. Any team could suit up a women and give her a play are two to go down in history as the first to do so but many teams didn’t because they know just as well as the Revolution know that this won’t work. She wouldn’t last a season. In a press release issued before the game, the team said that Welter is not expected to make the team’s final roster!!!! (ding ding ding!!!!!!) but the Revolution hoped that “this event will showcase her talent as a female athlete and serve as a fundraiser for a charitable organization.” ( see this story for what it is )


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