NBG Rams 2014


The former Noris Rams are among the veterans of American football in Germany. The “Aries” were founded in 1981 under the name Nürnberg Rams and played from 1983 (from 1987 as Noris Rams) to 1998, a record 16 years in a row in the first Bundesliga, before they had to stop & fold after the 1998 season. In 2007, the Nuremberg Rams was founded under the old name and since then had nothing but success In four consecutive years. During this time, the Rams only had to cope with a handful of defeats. As a climber the Rams has been pretty remarkable in the GFL2. One can only wonder whether the hit series will continue for the Rams this season! With the loss of a top young linebacker, team leading receiver, a professional experience DB and a New Rookie QB some think this season will be a test. But whats being overlooked with the Rams is they will be returning a very soild O Line and one of the top GFL RB’s as well as a deep stable of back ups from 2013. The offense still have a soild receiving corps lead by former National player Flo Rabe. The defense still seem to have kept it’s excitement! Returning a physical D line with a force of LB’s and ball hawking hit hungry DB’s. But time well tell where the cards will lay.


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