2014 Frankfurt Universe


After the surprising fall of the professional league NFL Europe, a new football club was founded in Frankfurt and the AFC Universe saw the light of the football world. The first kickoff was at that time run by Galaxy soccer legend Ralf Kleinmann.

In the first two years Frankfurt managed the direct rise in the country and league. In 2010 the team played in the Regional league and finished a disappointing fifth place. A year later, became runner-up of the Regional center and benefited from the increase of teams in the GFL2, so despite the team missed shot at the Championship they moved up.

Last season the Frankfurt Universe was yet again runner-up of the GFL2-south. But some see that as a gain do to a few stumbles by other teams. For the Universe to be as great as some see them they had hard times with their cross town rival Frankfurt Pirates in both games. They had also a hard time with Starnberg the 2nd game. And the 2nd game vs the Wildcats was another big scare. And as seen last season the Rams of Nürnberg won’t be a easy win. The Universe lost the first match with a clear eye, and to some won the second only do to a slump of the Rams. But with all the movements this offseason a few insiders say this roster isn’t as strong as last years and the rise won’t be as easy of a aim for Frankfurt as they think. Even with the signing of Manns and Milhouse which are 2 very good players they still need a few other playmakers to show up to give them that push.


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