Coaching the Crusade


Since landing the job with the Cagliari Crusaders of Italy coach Mark Garza has been nothing but business!! . As he smiled he stated Cagliari is nice but I have been working and coaching in Europe for 15 years I’m not to much of a sight seeing type of guy anymore I would rather watch game film and get the entire football calendar set for the year.
As coach geared up for the gym we shot a few questions at him. We wanted to know what has been the biggest step forward from last seasons team. To me the biggest step from last years team was the players buying in to the new system that has been setup as well as the way our new coaching staff does business Garza said. Coach Garza told us some off season goals that will help the Crusaders accomplish their season goals was their Off season strength program, it was big here for us as a team. We got bigger,faster,stronger as a unit.Learning and understanding more of our team,offense,defense,and special team philosophies will carry us through the good and bad times this 2014 season.
Staying focused on our goals will be one of our challenges this year. And to manage this i think the Coaching staff and team leaders will need to communicate so we stay on top of all internal issues. As for the 2014 competition. We plan on taking it one game at a time. We have some good teams with rich traditions here and no one will be overlooked. We will prepare each week the same vs every team. After a successful 2013 season in Finland the 45 year old coach look for big things to come in Crusaders Country this year!!!



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