Brainstorming on Building a Better League !!


The northern group of the German Football League only compete with seven teams in 2014. After the withdrawal of the Hamburg Blue Devils, the AFVD has tried finding a replacement from the GFL 2 North. However, there isn’t one willing team. With over 300 teams paying fees to the League we find it hard to believe that the league has no structure to help teams. As an example we came up with a rough draft structure that could better help teams build as well as help the league build. Lets say for example you have 300,000 €’s from team fees,of that you take 20,000 € to prepare the German Bowl. With that your left with 280,000 €. Of that set a side 160,000 € for each of the 8 teams in GFL 1&2. Which would give each team that has worked hard on making that move 10,000 € to help build that team. Whether it be buying imports, coaches, equipment, or merchandise this money would give breathing room and much needed help to better structure teams as well as the league. Now with the top leagues teams being secure it’s 120,00 € left. Which would stay in the possession of the league for things needed by them, primarily being whatever needs to be paid for to keep the league afloat. Now that you have your top leagues taken care of as well as the league its self the focus on funds should now come from sponsors. As a league they should seek the bigger corporate sponsors to first get them on board with the league then let teams reach out to those respected corporations within their cities for local team sponsorship. The league could accomplish more than say a team could. Say BMW is a target sponsor we feel it would be easier for the league to get sponsorship from them as a hole and let it trickle down to the teams and their local dealers, not to mention the exposure the team will get as well as the players. The possibility of TV commercials, product advertisement of any sort, appearances and events for this sponsor and so on. We think this would be a big step in growing the GFL. Teams now can more so focus on their merchandising, team fees, and travel arrangements. With their game to game income. The biggest problem in this league as well as a lot of others is the money and where it goes. Let’s work on bettering this situation and growing European American Football for all.


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  1. Many think that the GFL does not have the exposure that many corporate sponsors will seek which on a small scale is true .. football is not so popular but just like the NFLE days their are still tons of football fans and supporters… There’s also still a huge population of people that dont know football still exist in Germany.. That alone would be a huge base to exposed sponsors to. There is a lot of room to still grow football back to its NFLE days, just need the right ppl with the right mindset!!

    February 9, 2014 at 2:50 pm

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    To the next! Cheers!!

    September 26, 2014 at 9:57 am

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