D.McCants lets us in his ZONE for a few questions!!


We got a chance to ask 2013 GFL Champion David McCants a few questions!

We asked which one or two things differentiate you from your competitors? Dave replied its my will to win.I know how it feels to lose and I hate that feeling.So I put in alot of work offseason and inseason to win. And it has shown as McCants has won 2 GFL Championships !

what are your strengths and weaknesses if you would say you have any?-My strength is my quickness and speed.My weakness i would say is maybe blocking at times which has gotten better!!

One of the most important things doing anything would be setting goals we ask David what are some of your off season goals as well as you’re in season goals? David told us each year his offseason goal is to become stronger faster and more flexibility and my in season goal is to maintain my strength,speed and to stay healthy as well.

what are some things you think could improve the program or league overall ? And like most David said he think having more than two Americans to play at one time would improve things a bit.

We asked David about 1 football moment that he will never forget? -Winning the German Bowl and MVP in 2009 with the Berlin Adlers was that moment. David finished the game with 141 total yards and 2 td’s.

how does it feel to get love respect or even acknowledge by your fans and supporters?-It feels great to be known in the football world here in Europe.Its give me more motivation to show them good entertainment each time i perform.

We also asked how would he describe the relationship of coaches and players within his organization?-The coaches here in Braunschweig are some of the best coaches I’ve been around.They know how to win and will work with you on and off the field.Players are great here.They are like my “German brothers”.We have fun together but we all have  goals and thats have each other back and win when its game time.

chatting about character and ability we ask what is more important, is character or ability more important to you in a teammate?-I would have to say character.We have to connect mentally so we can be on thesame page physically as in working hard and achieving a goal.

if you had to put a tag on your team’s top player or players who would they be and why?-All the guys are top players.They are great players/friends in their own way.

The humble yet confident McCants looks to repeat in 2014 with yet another GFL championship. As from where we are sitting the Lions seems to be makin all the right moves to do so!!! We have them as this years favorite!!



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