Lions Ink New Leader for 2014 Campaign


So news of the new signing by the New Yorker Lions have brought tons of questions mostly being where is Casey Therriault !!! Casey lead the Lions to the 2013 German Bowl with 3,192 passing yards and 33 touchdowns where he clearly out played Dresdens Jeff Welsh. Casey went 23 of 33 for 317 yards and 3 td’s. So the big question is why did he not return to lead the Lions in 2014 to possibly another GFL championship?? He was surely qualified for the job as we all seen. Was he not offered? Are did he not want to return? …. Those questions are still up in the air but after winning a championship and returning some of your key pieces from the 2013 season it seems only right to bring back the man who lead you there. The one year contracts and the loyalty of teams to players especially after having a good productive season should change throughout Europe some think. As seen with some teams in the past if you return your productive players the knowledge of your program is there also the chemistry between the import players and the domestic guys also will be there and possibly stronger than the year before. But the next big question is can quarterback James Peterson have that 2013 chemistry to lead the Lions to a 2014 championship? Peterson is a 23 year old  6’3 230 pounder from D3 Concordia University. Where he racked up tons of accolades.


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