Conrad Meadows chops it up on the Corner!


 NEW! On the Corner Conrad Meadows of the Berlin Adler. We first asked Conrad  which one or two things differentiate him from his competitors? Conrad stated  his high Confidence level and mentality to do well. The Adler receiver says his best Strengths on the field would be his awareness, quickness and aggression. Which many team mates and opponents would agree. Conrad said his weakness would be his speed which he’s working on getting that back to what it was. Conrad to shared some of his off season goals as well as his in season goals? He told us this 2014 is my first offseason since college where I am healthy so I’m excited. I will work on getting faster and better conditioning. Speed, speed, speed. Getting tired on the field in 2014 is not an option, no matter how much I play stated Conrad. In season reaching the German bowl and big 6 championship game are my goals going in 2014. We also wanted to know what are some things he think could improve the program or league overall ? He said definitely more publicity which Europe needs bad. Berlin for example is tough considering the amount of sports teams it has, but more publicity never hurts. Thing is, itTakes time and money. I feel the league can shorten the season. Maybe drop a team or two in the gfl. We play long seasons including eurobowl/big 6 and we don’t exactly have the rehab we had in college!!! 1 football moment that Conrad said he will never forget was going for 113yards in the first half vs SEC cotton bowl champs ole miss in 2009, their db coach came up to me and told me I caused them more problems than Julio jones. Was pretty cool for him to say. Conrad spoke about the support shown from everyone involved with the Berlin Adler, its great he said. They are one of the reasons I came back for my third season. They take care of me and show me a lot of support and want me in Berlin. From the youth kids to random fans. It’s great to be a part of. He took time to describe the relationship of coaches and players within the organization We went through a little coaching changes in the offseason, but I’ve already seen them work with the guys and each other so I am confident 2014 will be a good season. The players are a close knit group of guys who always know how to have a good time. We ask is character or ability more important to you in a teammate? Conrad said Character and ability. Haha someone who can play the game well but respects those around him equally from the coaches to the equipment manager!!!! Conrad was asked if he had to put a tag on his team’s top player or players who would they be and why? Linebacker Mario Nowak- leader, knowledgable, tough and high pain threshold. Doesn’t quit and plays the game how its supposed to be played. Aggressive, fast and violent !!!!! We would like to wish Conrad and his team the best in 2014!! Also thanks for taking the time to speak with us!!


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