Wild Boars Load Up !!


The Kragujevac Wild Boars won the first CEFL trophy and are one of the winningest teams in Serbian american football. Yet they have failed in three straight years to win atrophy, but domestically and last year in the CEFL. All three times they were victims of the Vukovi, but for 2014 they have big plans,signing anew coach and three players.

First the coach: the Wild Boars will have another try with Richard Bonds, who led the team in 2012. Bonds brings years of coaching in several european leagues and despite the fact that the Wild Boars didn’t win it all in the one year he coached the team, they came close, losing in a tight championship game.

At quarterback, they will have Ike Whitaker, who was once a highly recruited high school player who ended up at VirginiaTech. Although his career didn’t exactly turn out the way it was maybe expected, it is still rare that a player of this status joins ateam in Europe. Quarterback was a position where the WildBoars had little luck last year, since both imports got hurt during the season, so we’ll see if it will be better this time around.

Finishing the roundup, they will also have receiver/defensive back Ken Hale and linebacker/running back Shane Lee Wong on the roster. Wong already played in Serbia for the Niš Imperatori during the last two seasons, where he was probably noticed by the Wild Boars. Hale last played for the Georgia Rampage of the Xtreme Indoor Football League.


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