Are U Kidding Me


After 2 great season with the Kempten Comets rumors surface that Orlando Webb, one of the top if not the top receiver in the GFL will part ways in 2014!!! This is shocking news for most and im sure for Comets fans!!! Since 2012 the 5’11 180lb receiver has been nothing but money for his team. Hauling in 81 receptions for 1841 yards with 27td’s many thought webb would leave to chase the ring in 2013 being that they fell short in the 2012 relegation. Doin the off season the All Star receiver wasted no time re signing with the southern power. Knowing they would be favored to win out again in 13. Which came to just that this season in which Webb was a huge part. In just 11 games he had 1527 yards with 20td’s not mentioning his big time special teams play as a returner. Now after 2 seasons of being loyal to the team and helping them reach the top league to chase the ring in 2014 the Comets had different ideas. Webb was hit with shocking news that they would be going with a different receiver this year, more so with a receiver / quarterback in chase present Qb Shane Jackson go down. Some insiders we’ve spoken to doesn’t get how they could even have the nerve to part with Webb, he’s their most dominant player in many aspects of the game! 2 how could the comets not have been grooming a good domestic Qb? Lots of questions could be asked within the Comets, insiders also note that its a strong chance the comets could also lose WR Rob Ortiz which in our opinion could cripple the Comets even more. The addition of Courtney Daily from the Ravensburg Razorbacks gives some the thought of a not so good move only being that he could be that #2 QB. Most think Webb would have still been the best pick for the 2014 GFL season not because he deserve the shot at top league for helping the comets get there but because of his proven game play. I guess now you can see sports is no different from life, you can be screwed over in the blink of an eye!! Good luck to all parties in 2014!!!!!


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