Rams Linebacker Philip Spliker Heading to Cologne!


The Falcons have announced the signing of two new players. After the Serbian offensive lineman Ciro Yordanov, the Falcons are now presenting the next reinforcements. At 20-years-old linebacker Philip Spilker looks to be a great talent from the GFL 2 South NBG Rams. Falcons head coach Martin Hanselmann is convinced and says: “I watch Philipp since his youth, and have followed his development. His goal is to make the jump across the pond and after it has already been setup , Philip now sought a team where he can best prepare for this challenge. With the help of full-time coaches, Philip can focus daily on his goal. ”

“I’m glad to have found a team that supports my ambitions and gives me the opportunity to continue to work on me and me best prepare. What convinced me ultimately the whole package of coaches and training opportunities, but also the club environment and of course the Board. One senses that is very professional here in the background. I think it is a great time in Cologne, and can not wait, it finally starts in three weeks, “said Spilker.


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