Berlin Adler Nico Schumann on the Players Corner!!


We’ve had the honor of Berlin Adler Nicolai Schumann joining us on the players corner for a little 1 on 1 !!!
We talked for a bit, when we asked Schumann about his skill level he stated  i do really try to improve my skills and get better every year to differentiate  myself from my competitors. Schumann is a huge guy and he knows it, my strengths are my size and my catching skills. And that i am still pretty fast for a 6’4 255 pounds TE/DE laughed Schumann. My biggest weekness is probably the fact that i still have to run my routes a little more accurate and keep my backside lower in my cuts and on tackles. One of Schumann’s biggest goals this offseason is to try and loose a bit of body fat he gained last season when he played more defensive end.
I want to become faster and more agil.
A huge In season goal for Schumann is to improve his knowledge in reading defenders and out smarting how they are defending him he said. When ask what are some things you think could improve the program, Schumann paused for a second and said ,the programm can only be improved if the sport gets more followers in germany and in Europe. As well as the contact to the ncaa and the nfl needs to continue growing.

Schumann gave us a mental picture of game day. Schumann and the Adlers  have a team meeting 3 hours before kick off.
After that we have time for treatment taping and to get dressed.
Everybody can warm up on their own a little on the field.
Untill the specialists go out for warm ups. Followed by the skilled players and later on the offense and defense line.
Individual warm ups and some half speed basic run and pass plays to get the blood flowing.
Field goal and punt and back in the locker room till kick off.

When ask about one moment he will never forget Schumann instantly spoke of the moment where the Adler beat the current German champion in the play off quarter final for the german bowl. They were undefeated for 3 year’s on their home field. Berlin has some of the best football fans in Germany, and when asked how he feels getting acknowledged by the fans Schumann smiled and said its a great feeling.
I started playing football only 4 years ago and i acchieved a lot in that time. i started in a very small team and now i am playing for the berlin adler the 6 times german champion in the GFL that is pretty cool. And especially when kids watching our games in the stadium ask for autographes and pictures,I sometimes feel kind of famous 🙂

We also asked Schumann about the coach player relationship. Schumann told us for this year we have a new HC and a new DC the rest of the staff is still the same but we are all very excited about the 2014 year. And reaching our goals.
The relationship between the players is really familiar and you can count on each and everyone standing next to you on the field.
Thats what makes football so awesome :).

I think the ability to play is what makes you a great player. I dont have to be best friend with every one but as long as i can count on my teammates i am satisfied Schumann stated when asked what’s more important in a teammate, character or ability.

Schumann was also asked in his opinion who was the teams top performer last season. With no doubt he said it was our import reciever Conrad Meadows 2013 GFL All Star.
He allready played two years for our team and was always a game changing player with great abilities and he is a funny guy and good friend as well Schumann end with.

We would like to thank Nico Schumann for his time and wish him and the Berlin Adler a great 2014!!!!!!

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